Friday, January 2, 2009

Random pictures

This was taken up North from us on one of our mini vacations. This was quite the wiggly creature. It's a brittle starfish and quite creepy. On this trip I had one of the most relaxing 10 minutes of my life {but since then haven't had a relaxing moment to write about it, until now}

It was beautiful...try to imagine...all my kids at the beach below me {with my honey} up on a cliff about 30 feet above them...silently swinging in my hammock, book in one hand... glass of ice water in the other...ocean breeze massaging my pedicured feet.

Hold on, I need a moment to wipe the tears of joyful remembrance from my eyes.

That hand coming in from the left is, of course my delicate little daughter's. She caught this little guy on the same trip mentioned above. My little sweetie doesn't look too sure about this big tummied fellow.

Wes' sister Brie was here for Thanksgiving and we enjoyed a nice "gringo" style meal at Lemon Zest here in Jaco. Delish.

O.K. I know the picture is sideways, but I'm on a strange computer and can't figure out how to switch it.
With that said, I have to show you this amazing invention. The magnetic escalator. WOW! Isn't that cool? There is a store in San Jose called Hiper Mas. Pronounced E-per-moss. It's owned by Wal-Mart and the prices for items found in the states are decent here. Except for the make-up which can go for over $35 for Loreal liquid make-up. Crazy! Anyway, you get your cart on the bottom floor and take the MAGNETIC escalator up.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas...

to all our friends and family!!!! {and our lurker friends} As you can see by the presents behind my little guys, living in Costa Rica did not affect their present intake. :) Santa found us just as we had hoped.
Our Christmas season was filled with decorations, hot weather, Christmas music, walking to the beach, decorating sugar cookies and much of the same we would have experienced in the states.

It has been difficult to enjoy our necessary cups of Hot Chocolate and warm sugar cookies with the weather as warm as it's been, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Most of our presents were brought in from the states. If we were to purchase presents here we'd either pay double the price as in the states for brand name or purchase a toy from overseas that just wouldn't survive the day. {Very cheaply made but expensive} So we shopped on the Internet and had everything shipped to my mother-in-law. She, like the angel she is, brought it all in with her; four boxes worth of presents and supplies.

So I'm warning all of you ahead of time, we would love to have you come and stay with us, however you will probably get a request or two for a few bags of brown sugar, baking soda or the like. Just fair warning. :)

Aiden got this red bike from Santa, however later we learned he had actually asked Santa for a yellow bike.

I hope Aiden will be able to deal with the rojo.

I love Christmas morning hair. :)

Landon wanted me to be a cowboy mommy. Both the little ones wanted a cowboy hat but Santa only brought one. That wasn't the best decision on Santa's part.