Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some More Pics...

of our little get away. We all had so much fun!!!! This shot was taken right as we got there. The weather was just beautiful and believe it or not, not too HOT. Can I kiss the feet of the "woman" who thought to make a stroller into a car! Please, I love ya!!!
Paige having a blast on one of the kiddie rides. She is my little dare devil, who would have guessed, huh? She went on absolutely everything she could, and as you can imagine, the height restrictions here are lower. You would faint at some of the rides they deem safe for little ones.
My only girl, what a sweetie {when I'm not trying to force math on her}. "Love ya, Paigee pooh!"
Landon thought a ride was too loud. Quite ingenious to use what he already had on hand, his ears.

Dallin, again playing the survivor man and trying to catch dinner.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In The Mood for Chocolate Pudding...

here's a little tip.

Of course you are using the Jello brand that you cook.  I know none of my friends would stoop to the instant pudding.  


So when you are adding the milk, use half canned condensed milk and half regular milk.  Oh, you'll never go back.  It's so much thicker and creamier and if you put it in the fridge to get cold, it won't separate and get watery like it does with 100% regular milk.

Just a little tip from little ol' domestic me.  :)


Monday, November 17, 2008

We Had a GREAT time...

this weekend. Rusti has a rental house in San Jose {about a 2.5 hour drive} from here. We packed up our stuff, rented a car, and left. Did I mention we rented a car? I'm not sure I did.


Yippe!!! It was the most exciting part of the trip for me. No, I'm just kidding.

Actually I'm not!

We haven't bought a car here {yet} because with the 80% tax, I really didn't feel like paying almost double for a vehicle. I did decide to keep our rental car for another day after we came home. Heck, it's only $35 a day, and I couldn't believe the freedom that $35 bought.

I even went to the hardware store and bought PVC pipe and connecters to make a mini closet for my boys. Remember, closets are a rare commodity here. How much fun is that?!?!?! Whew, relax Shawna.

Baby CASH should be here in about 8 weeks. We are so EXCITED!!!!

This is Landon riding the kiddie train, although he took the faster roller coaster quite well too. {Better than Aiden} One of our stops was to San Jose's amusemnt park, better than Disneyland in my view. Not as elaborate but I didn't have the constant nagging feeling of being ripped off. Only $10 to get in with unlimited rides. Very nice.
Before we dropped off my sweetheart we stopped and fed the ducks. I forget how nice {and CHEAP} it is to do this.

The main reason for going to San Jose was to drop Wes off at the airport for a Miami business trip. So in the 48 hours he has been gone, we've had the internet disappear forever, a large earthquake, my house flood and 2 pipes burst. Oh the adventure!