Friday, December 19, 2008

You are Going to Love me For This One...

this recipes is AMAZING and incredibly easy.
It just can't be this easy and that good...but those of you that trust me and make this one will sing my praises forever.

Actually you should be singing "mi amiga" Mehgan's praises, it's her recipe.

But I am the messenger. That should count for something.

So {drum roll please} here goes:

I will call them Mehgan's Magic Miracles, what do you think?

3/4 cup Butter
1 Cup of Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup approximately of chocolate chips
Saltine Crackers.

Place tinfoil on a cookie sheet, lay the crackers down evenly with the salt facing down. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Melt the butter in a sauce pot, add sugar stir briskly until it boils. Continue stirring rapidly as the mixture congeals and gets thicker, approx 5 minutes. You want it to stay a golden colour. Pour over the crackers, then sprinkle chocolate chips on top and place in the oven until the mix starts to boil through the crackers. Let them cool.

That's it.

They are delish. Sorry I don't have a picture. In the end they will look like a thin piece of chocolate covered English toffee.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Call for Christmas Cards...

If you'd like to send us a Christmas card we would REALLY love to get it!!!

Wes's mother is coming down for Christmas. If you send it out to her today or tomorrow she'll bring it down to us.

Oh, and THANK YOU for taking the extra effort to get it to us. :)

The Banagas Family
c/o Colleen Foote
32801 Silver Charm Court
Menifee, Ca 92584

So for gifts this year we have decided the kids are getting 3.

One from Santa, we talked to him to confirm this would be o.k.

One store bought and brought in from the states. (Toys here don't last more than an hour or two)

And one handmade.

I have actually had a great time hand making the 3 gifts that are done.

Yes I know Christmas is in less than a week and I have 2 left. (AUGH!!!) :)

So I made a tutu for PAIGE with all the frills. It's is adorable, I hope it can survive what she will put it through. I'm sure it will end up on our dog at least a few times.

Aiden and Landon are receiving super cute Superman capes. What boy doesn't deserve one of these. We've always tied towels, sheet or pillowcases to create them...that is until now. Now they will have professional supercapes.

I think I will keep this tradition. (the hand making of presents...I don't know if the 3 present idea will fly.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little Catch-up...

We ran out of here is a week's worth of photos.

What is sweeter than 2 little boys, fresh out of the bath wrapped up in a white towel (or sheet because laundry wasn't done)?


My friend Costa Rica has helped catapult my children's imagination to higher levels. I'm so thankful. Here my little guys have found pet snakes to play with. {Daddy's belts}
Paige made this caterpillar out of a broken ornament and tape. {I think she was involved in the crime, breaking the ornament}
But isn't Henry the caterpillar beautiful? He gave her at least an hour of entertainment.

This is the designer wrench my sweetheart created for me when he changed out our shower head. He thought the juice was off in the bathroom, but alas it wasn't. :)

It was quite scary...the electricity in the entire "casa" went off for a few seconds and with the scream that came from my honey's mouth at the same time left us all quite concerned. Turns out the sparks that were flying were the reason for his yell.


I had to throw this one in for good measure. Paige has given me a hard time with taking medicine lately, so I've had to be a little creative. I pull the capsule apart and then plan my creative attack. I thought this was funny...I spread the capsules on the frosting of a homemade cookie and the medicine looked like white sprinkles.

Smart, huh?

Nope...she caught me! Wouldn't even swallow it.

Back to the drawing board.