Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Is anyone still there?

I'm going to write like there is actually someone who will be reading this after 3 months without a post. I'm good at pretending, always have been. You should try it. It gets you through a lot of tough moments unscathed.
"No my child is NOT flinging himself all over the grocery store floor, SCREAMING at the top of his lungs for candy. Nope, just not happening!"

Here are our beloved blue bins, ready for another adventure. Can you see how used they've gotten in our year in Costa Rica? They were the BEST thing I brought besides my "familia".

Here we are in our van taxi at 3:30 am getting packed up to head to the airport. Look how wide awake our little Paige is. I love it!

This is quite blurred but worth posting for me. A picture of our little family together before we separated for a month and a half. At this point Wes was getting pretty sad to have us all leave. I, being the all attentive wife, didn't even notice that he was smiling through his tears. I was thinking..."5 kids, one adult, 2 flights...can I do it?"
That's why I love this man. He loves his family.

The sun rose as we were getting ready to board our plane. Our two little tikes were so excited to get on the flight.

Aiden sitting as a "big boy" during our first flight. The kids were great travelers.

We have been busy with getting settled into U.S. life. We've had Paige's birthday (Christmas in June), beach days, pool parties, FREE summer movies, lots of family time and for me, COUPON shopping! I heart coupons.
Wes has arrived and we are a happy family once again. We are holding our life in Costa Rica as a training for the rest of our lives.