Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes...We Have Relocated...

So as you know my aunt and cousin have been visiting and right in the middle of that visit {Tuesday} Wes and I decide it's time to move. Not to the states, sorry, but into the big city {San Jose area}. So now it is Friday and we are moved in. {Well, everything but a few furniture pieces}

Let's just say that when I make a decision, I'm usually quick on the draw. I dropped my sweet cousin and her mother off at the airport by 10:30 am, drove home the 2.5 hour drive, packed and cleaned our house and was headed to our new diggs within 24 hours.

It was easy, especially because {how do I say this delicately} I HATED our house.

Now is when the guilt arrives for not being grateful for "that which I was given".

So to relieve that "emotion" I have written a note to my former casa.

Saturday January 24, 2009

Dear former house,

I'm sitting here from my upstairs master bedroom suite, computer at my desk, with 5 full bars of Internet strength to tell you, it's o.k.
I left in a hurry without much warning. I know you tried your best. You gave our crazy family all that you had. You kept the rain off our heads and that was important. You let us tie up our hammock to the bars on your front window and tried to stay strong before you just couldn't hold on anymore. You tried with Wes and I to keep the stinky sewer water from entering our back kitchen door. We were a team the three of us that rainy night, but we just weren't strong enough. The weekend when I came home with all 5 kids to find the 2 pipes broken in the bathroom, well that was bad. With Wes gone, all the bedrooms under water and no one to call to help; we worked together to keep the situation from getting worse.
I'm sorry that I didn't appreciate you more. You did your best. I will never forget you.
Never. {Believe me on that one!}

The woman with the 5 crazy kids.

P.S. Enjoy the peace and quiet. You deserve it.

Now I'm on to:
my own laundry room
a little bit more space
bigger bedrooms for all of us
closets {YIPPE!!!}
HOT water

What I will miss:
air conditioning
having an oven {I will have a stovetop but not an oven, augh}
the beach 4 blocks away
my friends Teri, Albanie {who's leaving anyway} Wendy, Michelle and Tracy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Have Returned...

and I have news... but first a summery of my adventures with my auntie and sweet cousin.

First of all they were just a "pure delight" to have around. I was able to forgo many of my household duties thanks to the support of my sweetheart and munchkins. Thanks guys.

This is the eco-lodge that we stayed in. It used to be an scientific observatory for the Arenal Volcano. The lodge is embedded in the Arenal National Park and was just divine. The grounds were immaculate and lush. It seems to be the closest Hotel/Lodge to the volcano and was quite the drive to get in. Our car with manual transmission made it that much more exciting. In fact before they put the two bridges in you had to 4x4 in.
Thank you bridges!

Just added proof to support my "lush grounds" claim.

We found this hanging bridge off one of our trails to the waterfall.

Here is the Arenal volcano...well at least the bottom half. There are only a few weeks in the year where you are able to gawk at the top. It's usually covered in fluffy clouds. We did hear some crackling and popping as the lava was heading down. That was excitement enough.

Oh my favorite moment...reading a book, on the balcony, a little rain drizzle...yummy. The only thing missing was a hot chocolate in hand.

LOOK at the size of this's of Jurassic proportions.

Just a "GORGEOUS" waterfall we found on one of our hikes.

Same waterfall...just the two old ladies were added. Actually my aunt looks younger than I.
{If you don't know her, you've really missed out on a treat!}

To be continued...same station...same week.

Oh, and for the news..."We are the city and we are so excited!"