Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Best Way to Learn Spanish...

Is by hearing it and speaking it! I know, I know, I know! I hear this all the time. The problem is if you don't know ANY to begin with, it doesn't help when your housekeeper tries to teach you. You say {in your head} I'm not sure if she is saying the word for sheet or bed, so don't pay attention. You might learn it incorrectly and tell someone you need them to bring you a sheet and they bring you a bed! See my dilemma?

So I found this website, and it's FREE! I love that word. It has a great beginner course for the Spanish learner. It's advertised as a "social" place to meet other language learners, but if you put up a horrible picture of yourself, and mention your sweetheart over and over in your bio, that should help that concern. {Oh, and the 5 kid thing is another great deterrent.} It's great for me because I am a visual learner. My honey can try and teach me the language all day long, but if I don't write it down, I won't learn it. It goes over and over the words with pictures and text. I love it! So if you are interested. Enjoy. I put the link to the right.
Then if you aren't interested in anything else but being my friend, you can look me up. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Few Things I've Learned Today...

1. Uncooked noodles are a fascinating toy for kids
2. It’s probably a better toy for my girlsfriend’s cute blonde little angel then for my 2 little boys.
3. Don’t leave 2 little boys alone with uncooked noodles to go in the next room and put something away.
4. When sweeping noodles off of tile floor they make a beautiful bell sound.
5. Milk mixed with uncooked noodles isn't as easy to clean-up.
6. Having a blog makes cleaning up easier because I think “this is going to sound so funny on the blog.”

Oh, and another thing I've learned...

7. If you forget to put away the main bag of noodles and sit down to type this funny blog entry, you will be sweeping up
noodles again!

{The reason there are deep shadows behind the boys is because our electricity is off, again. :) }

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Raining Horses and Sheep

I don’t mean to have to many posts about rain, but “geesh, it’s been raining for 3 days!” I do love rain. I know I said that. I still do. It’s just that the rain is different here. It really rains! Not the southern California drizzle, drizzle, rain, drizzle, tiny bit of thunder, drizzle. No this is RAIN, rain, RAIN, !!!!RAIN!!!!! THUNDER LIGHTNING, rain, drizzle, !!!RAIN!!!!, RAIN… and so on. So on for 3 days so far.

Last night we got home late, {I’ll tell you from where when I have the nerve!} Dinner had just been cooked and whamo, the electricity is off! Do I know where the flashlights are? No. I let the kids play with them the other day. Now only one works and it’s about 3 inches long and I need divine intervention to find it. Thanks. I found it. Now we are telling the kids to eat their dinners fast and go to bed! Paige is having a blast using her acting skills, “Oh, sorry Troy I didn’t mean to hit you across the face so hard, It’s just in the dark, I can’t see you!” Yeah, right! We get everyone to bed with much confusion. I use the rest of the flashlight battery to read my book about being “content”. And here in the dark, with my book, no dishwasher, a tiny house, frizzy hair and sleeping family, I am content. I am very content.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The B Boyz in School...

So I have had some requests to know more about how the boys are doing in school. So here it is.
The school they attend is quite pricey. It is down the street from us so very convenient. However, I have been disappointed with the overall quality of teaching. Thank goodness for the Math and Spanish instructors.
Their curriculum consists of

Social Studies
Language Arts

with the last two taught completely in Spanish. They are doing well. Twice a month P.E. is taught at the Los Seunos pool. {It’s a gorgeous resort pool} They just load up in a bus, head across the street and swim. How exciting is that? Maybe I’ll embarrass them and be there. I’m sure I could find a tiny string bikini just to make sure I have the full effect! {Why do I like to tease them so much?!?!?!}

As far as the uniform thing goes, we have only had one incident with Troy trying to avoid it. It’s a funny story and I got an invitation to visit the principal personally. Apparently the staff didn’t get the punch line. Don’t worry, I pretended it was a serious situation. Troy doesn’t even know I found the humor in it. Sometimes that’s a parent’s obligation.

I love the uniform thing!!!! It is easy to see whether or not they have clothes for the morning. I don’t have to look at Troy and pretend what he is wearing doesn’t shock me. Sometimes that has been a huge feat! {An Emmy could be in my future.}

When school starts again I think they will be taking a bus to another city. It makes me quite nervous, but they will be together and will have their first cell phone. Who are they going to call in CR besides mom and dad???? Hee! Hee!

I Have a New Use for My Blue Bins.

They do a great job at catching the rain leaking through our roof! I love those bins.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thought You Might Get...

a kick out of my little guy. He's 24 months here and loves to watch his older brother Troy skateboard. In a few more months he'll be doing kickflips.

The Best Sites for Kids...

Rocks in my Dryer, who has tons of followers, just did a post on her reader's favorite websites for kids. How awesome is that. I've bookmarked them all. They even have a CIA website for kids. So head over here to check it out.

Random shots...

I thought I’d post some pictures of this beautiful place. I haven’t had a chance to spend some quality time with my camera yet. When I do I'll be able to post more.
This first one depicts our view on the way to church. We pass through an area the locals call “broken sky” because it always gets rain. You can imagine how beautiful it is.

O.K. so I will break you in easy as far as bridges go. There are bridges here that throw you into a game of Russian roulette. Is the car you are driving going to plummet to it's death or will it be the car behind you. Someone will, it's just a matter of time. I will post pictures of these soon. This shows how one side waits for the other to pass by. Only one vehicle can fit at a time.

I love these trees. Birch trees are my favorite in the states. These are so similar, except they are green. The bark just waves in the wind like thin paper.

This is what everyone does here to ward off thieves. Just kidding, however this might be a good idea. Here where we are is a tourist town. It is know for having high crime. We just don't leave anything in the car.