Sunday, January 25, 2009

More of our adventures...

Here is my travel advice {if you are near the Jaco area}...get to Punta Leona. It is a private beach community and if you know someone who lives there, you can probably get in. If not, I believe you can pay about $20 for a wristband. We, of course, have our connections. :)

On this side of Costa Rica {not counting the peninsula} there are only 2 white sand beaches in the area. 1 is Punta Leona {about 15 minutes north of Jaco} and the other is {about 45 minutes south of Jaco} Manuel Antonio. The rest of the beaches are called "cinnamon" which is a creative way to say dark brown.

A trick, if you can get into Punta Leona, is to head to the restaurant that is open early in the morning. {I'm sorry but the name eludes me} The food is decent, buffet style, {you'll pay about $40 for 3 adults} but if you get there before 9 am, chances are you will get a great monkey show. They come down from the trees and are pretty sneaky fellers. I was holding out a piece of banana and the mommy monkey did a basketball fake-out move and swiped a cinnamon roll instead.

I was left looking like a fool, holding my piece of banano.

So intead of taking a "monkey tour" at $25-$35 per can save money and get breakfast out of it.


My aunt Sheila took this picture of me bathing on the beach...aren't I a HOTTIE! {hee, hee}
Our view to the right of us...
Our view to the left...

Of course, me and my beautiful cousin.
Can you believe this scenery is only 15 minutes from my house?
Mother and daughter beauties. Look how a plant has grown all over the steps. I'm telling you...everything grows here.
The view from down low.

Do you see the bug in this picture?

Look hard.
It's called the leaf bug. It was just unbelievable. It even looked like a piece was taken out of the back to look more like a leaf that was disintegrating.