Friday, May 9, 2008

Molecular Science...

Nah, just making Play-Doh. However we did talk about molecules. It went something like this.
Me: "Paige, when the molecules of the items we put in the pot get hot, they start bouncing around really fast."
P (my daughter):"So they are like, having a party!"
Me: "ah, yes."
"Now that they are cooling down, they are different, they have changed. They are tighter together."
P: "So now they are hugging really really tight!!!!" As she hugs me to show how tight.
Me: "Yep."
Kinda cute I thought. :)
You can check out the lesson we used with a great Play-Doh recipe, it's a link on the right.

Our pet froggie..

Actually I think he's a toad. We have at least two of these guys in our courtyard. At night when I went out to finish laundry, my foot met one once. Now I always wear shoes. (for those of you who are worried, I just swept the frog to the side, it didn't meet it's fate) This is how creature capture and release happens in our family. They older boys T and D spot it, they run and announce the find to P (my daughter), she darts in the direction they told her and catches it. Then she hands it to them after they know it's safe. The boys love to be the ones to release, and she, well let's just say she's not the happiest camper when the animal is let go. Isn't this guy so cute??? He reminds me of the book "Frog and Toad" that I read when young.

My BIG blue bins...

I love these guys! This is what I packed all our stuff into to come here to CR. What a genius I am! I should have taken a picture with us and our 12 blue bins at the airport.
Why I love my blue bins (I should have my friend Penny write me an ode to my blue bins)
They stack nicely when empty or full. You can cram a lot of stuff in them, including 2 large Tonka trucks for my little boys. I have used them for bathtubs, storage bins. shoe closets, dressers and a ladder. Because they have locking lids, they keep the insects out of our clothes and shoes. Boy and I smart. O.K. no more boasting.
What I wish I had brought was baking soda and cream of tarter. Those things I can only buy in packages of about 2 teaspoons. And I pay about $1.00 for them. Crazy! I can get 100 teaspoons in the states for only $1.00.
For those of you that giggled when I said I was bringing my bread maker, I'm on my 5th loaf of bread. I also brought 20 pounds of Dallin's bread flour (he has a wheat allergy) and other baking ingredients for him. Go glad I did. There is no way I'm finding xantham gum here if I can't get a decent sized baking soda. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a wonderful "day"...

Today is a wonderful day! T and D start school! Bless this day. We coughed up the money for private school yesterday. All I can say is “ouch!”, that hurt!!!! As if the monthly fee wasn’t bad enough they attach 2 more “outrages” fees just to start. I’ve been home schooling these past 2 weeks; seems like a month. Without Internet access in our “cozy” home, it’s been about impossible. As of last night the Internet has reentered our lives. Whoo hooo!

I will continue to home school Paige and Aiden. He’s just starting to read little words. If anyone has a two year old (or older) I HIGHLY recommend “Leap Frog’s Letter Factory” DVD. It is the best thing I’ve found for learning phonics! You can find it at Target or Wal-Mart. Aiden has known his phonics for awhile now. His cousin Ethan picked them up after a week of watching the movie. It’s worth the $12.00.

As long as I’m recommending things here are two more recommendations I have. I have found the best dentist on the face of this earth. Well, at least in the Inland Empire. His name is Dr. Mohns. He and his staff are amazing. They are happy, and kind and Dr. Mohns is so gentle and careful (and honest) with your teeth. So if you are nervous to go to the dentist, or tired of grouchy staff at your dentist, call his, they are wonderful! He's in Riverside on Tibbits off of Brockton.
(I actually can’t claim I found him, my good friend Christine B. found him first. Way to go Christine!)

And for my final recommendation, a book. “The Peacegiver”. Most of us understand the atonement but when we need to apply it to our lives, do we know how? This book is written in story form so it shows the practical application to the atonement. It is about a severe problem in this man’s life, but even though we aren't going through the same situation, it is a huge benefit to understanding our part in the atonement. When you read it have a pen handy to underline! Great book.