Friday, July 18, 2008

The Great Adventures of the Banagas Family...

Another Great Day…

Every Saturday we try to get out as a family and go on an outing. Last Saturday we just started driving, took a turn into the hills and kept going, and going and going!
Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The waterfall.

Please excuse Paige's hair. I started this tradition of letting the kids ride on the outside of our car while holding on. However, it was meant for short rides from our mailbox to our driveway, not up steep Costa Rican Mountainside. Troy Dallin and Paige rode about half of the way this way, the other half in the back of the car with the hatch up. What fun!!!

One of my favorite things about Costa Rica is boys in jeans and flip flops. I think that is the "coolest"!

We found this abandoned house, atleast we think it was abandoned, by the waterfall. Since my time spent with my high school buddy Nikki in Utah, I love old wooden homes.

Costa Rica has the ugliest looking cows. I'm not even sure that they are ugly enough to have character. The meat that they provide is less than great since they are so thin. I guess they do look kind of cute in this shot but that is due to the professional photographer behind teh camera. On our adventure I found these traditional "American" dairy cows. Aren't they beautiful?

Just beautiful!!!

A face only a mother could love! So cheesey!!!

The diner we ate lunch at. After we had eaten there my sweetheart says, "These are the places that "gringos" get sick from." Great honey!!!

We had been traveling for a few hours and came upon this. A huge tree in our way. Everyone just parked and waited patiently for them to use a machette to obliverate it. Everyone but my honey (waited patiently).

Finding a toucan was part of the tour! SWEET!!!

Oh how I love pictures of my sweetheart with our little ones. They grow so fast. Don't we wish we could just sweep them over the river of teenage years!?!?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What to do, what to do...

I’m trying so hard to get online but the stars just haven’t been aligned in my favor. Hopefully by next week I will have an “internet access” system down. Hopefully.
Things are going better for us. I have to apologize for my post last week with complaining under tones. {o.k., I was completely complaining, we all have our breaking points!}
Today has been a new day! I have a purpose now. I mentioned a little about my struggle here. Short story, shorter, I need to do something for Costa Rica. They have a bi-lingual women’s group that meets once a month to socialize and volunteer in the community. I’m going to that next Thursday. Do you think it matters that I’m not bi-lingual yet???? So much is needed in this community. Children without school uniforms can’t attend public school. High school students in the neighboring city don’t have a building to meet in so they learn outside with their desk and books minus things like a chalkboard, and a roof over their heads when it rains. This is a beautiful country but there is so much trash around. We as a family our looking for our niche; what we can help with. It already has given our life here more purpose and who doesn’t need a life with more purpose other than mother Teresa? It’s interesting to me when you focus on other’s and their needs, your needs become out of focus. My mother new this well.
I remember the former president of our church, right after he lost his wife, with a quivering bottom lip, he spoke about work being the only balm to heal many of our problems here on earth, including a broken heart. (as his was broken with the death of his wife)

It is so true. Another one of my favorite quotes is from his father. President Hinkley was a young man, serving a mission for our church at the age of 19. It was difficult and he was struggling. He wrote home to his father of his trials. His father’s return letter was only this…

“Forget yourself and get to work!”

So I will get down off of my soapbox and stop preaching to myself! I know what I need to do, forget myself and get to work! Already the horizon is glowing with possibility!
Yeah hooo!!!

My only thing to do now is pick how I'm giong to help.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Canopy Tour

When my dad and his wife Rosie came to visit we took the best canopy tour. We, meaning Troy and I tagged along with them. Troy posted earlier a few of his “crazy” shots from zip lining. I thought I’d post a few more.

It has been different with my father married to someone other than my mom. But I have to say that change can be good. I of course miss my mother deeply, we all do. Some days it’s easier not to think of her to keep the hurt away.
But most days are filled with treasured memories. These past few years have been filled with change; my father’s marriage to Rosie, 3 new babies entered the “Krepps” family, us moving here to Costa Rica, job changes, my father traveling to Africa. Change can be good. I realize that it was probably Rosie that made it possible for my dad to come and visit us at such a special time as Paige’s baptism. I have come to have a great appreciation for the woman that has done so much good for my dad. They are a great team.

For those who haven’t met Rosie here she is, no fear!

Troy heading down pretty fast.

Proof I was there. It was $10 per person for the pictures. I only paid for Troy knowing that I would get the pictures of us together. You can close your eyes and imagine me zip lining if you'd like, but that would be weird!

This was our view. Do I need to say more?

Dad having a great time!

The four of us and our unforgettable day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Thanks everyone for your support with our "book find". We need them here desperately!
I'm looking for

for me:
The Last Lecture ( I think that's what it's called)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
These is My Words

I thought I'd post these just incase someone was willing to let me borrow them. I can get them back to you although it may take quite awhile!

for the ninos:
Any of the Peter and the Starcatchers series. (these are great books)
any in the Crispen series
Junie B Jones
Magic Treehouse

We really will be happy with anything you'd be willing to give. And when they have gone through our family they will get donated here. (unless you mention you would like them back).

Love to all!

The Banagas Fam