Monday, April 7, 2008

About Two Weeks Left!!!!

Aughhhhhh! Can I make it? Breathe Shawna, just breathe.
I just finished reading a wonderful blog about the insects, snakes and venimus creatures in the area we will be living. Compiled with the stress I feel right now to relocate my family of 7 out of the country in 16 days, I'm about to change my mind. {Did I just write that outload???} I will remind myself in the morning that this is a dream my sweetheart and I have and it will all work out. Everything is better in the morning, right???

This is called a Hercules Beetle. They are huge and make great pets.
I have to remember Hercules Beetle good. Ants o.k. Scorpions won't kill. Caterpillars very bad! Snakes, just stay away from them!!