Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's official! We are going!

Last Tuesday we took the older 4 kids in and did their passport paperwork. Besides me bringing the wrong birth certificates (I grabbed the color copies) and having to head home to get them, everything went well! Wes didn't even complain too much. What a good guy!
I did the kid’s pictures for their passports early in the morning hence the reason they were late Tuesday. Oh, well.
They aren’t the best pictures of my little ones. Aiden looks like I hit him over the head then snapped his picture. What a funny look!
This Tuesday it will be five weeks and counting. 4, 3, 2, you get the picture! There is so much to do before we leave. Can I make it?
Some things to get done before we leave:
Figure out the home schooling/public school situation
Is Wes driving the car there (2 week drive) or are we paying 80% tax to ship it? Hummmm?
What cooking supplies do I absolutely need? Can I convince Wes I need the bread maker?
How can I pack 2 large Tonka trucks??
This house has to be packed and ready. Augh!!!
What storage unit should I use? (Find the cheapest!)
Get my blog started on dail-up, aughhhhhh. Taking forever.

Good thing I work well under pressure.

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