Tuesday, May 13, 2008

and another Happy Birthday...

My mother in law had her birthday last week. I hadn't thought of wishing happy birthday to our loved ones until today. So I decided to go back a week and do the same for her. I have been very lucky in the mother-in-law department. (Very lucky!)
So here goes:
The top 10 things we love about Grandma Foote:
10. "She feeds us popcorn when we are watching movies" Paige said.
9. She always has something from Target for the kids.
8. She is a great babysitter and unlike my father, the kids are usually asleep when I pick them up. :)
7. Grandma Foote has the best collections of sandals, she really does!! (We won't mention how many sandals)
6. When she was a young mom she took her kids to great "FREE" activities like the Disneyland fireworks.
5. She makes a delicious pot roast.
4. Christmas, we won't even mention how spoiled we are all at Christmas. :)
3. She keeps everything! Mail, her kid's baby clothes, furniture and cars.
2. Grandma Foote makes the best cherry cake. Unbelievable!
1. She always dyes eggs with us.

Glad you had a nice birthday. We love you!

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