Friday, June 20, 2008

Is it a Geico or Gecko?

Paige, our "survivior" girl caught this. Can you see what it is??? Look closer. It's a baby gecko. See how tiny it is? She caught it just outside our front door. Which amazes me because I think it's parents live in our house.

Whenever I see our geckos run up our wall, I just smile. Did you know that they keep the insect population down? As far as I'm concerned they can move their entire family tree into our home. Bring uncle Bob, aunt Janie the whole crew. As long as they munch on the bugs trying to invade my cozy living quarters, they can party behind my fridge all they want!

They also make the most interesting noise. It sounds like a baby bird chirping. Not too loud, just a reminder that they are protecting me and my youngin's.


Lara said...

Cute little thing!

Janet said...

Hi Shawna,
I haven't read in a while and had some free time here at work and pulled up your blog and really, you and your family continually amaze me. I am in awe at all the wonderful things you are able to do and do them with simple things. I just want to say i made the york peppermint patty popcorn for my family (my son Nathan, my sister's 5 kids and my brother's 3 kids) and watched a movie and can i just say YUMM - O!! That will continually be a hit with my family for many years to come.
I love reading your blog and especially to see all the wonderful pictures you post. I just hope that if there is a chance of you all coming back home(so. cal), I hope it is back to the Orangecrest Ward! Miss you all!!
Janet Markworth

erin said...

what a fun little creature! It's tiny!!! This summer i have had spider issue in my house so maybe send that thing my way!!!

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Ohh, I'm GLAD you liked the popcorn Janet, it's so delish!!
We sure do MISS our Orangecrest ward!!! Because of our adventure here, we will never take for granted having air conditioning at church, a drinking fountain that has safe water, sitting on soft benches that you didn't have to set up, easily communicating with members and getting there in 5 minutes. :) Did you know that if the electricity goes off (which means no water, fans or bathrooms) church still goes on? All three hours. It's normal for the power to go off. So different here. :) I love observing the differences.

jo said...

I liked seeing the bat and the bugs the ants were very neat also. Have you seen a Sloth? I know that they have them in Costa Rica they are very strange looking animals like a hairy person with long nails and very lazy.
Jo S.