Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It Has Been a Crazy Day...

It's morning. Don't you hate when you wake up and remember how horrible the day before was? I hate that.

This is the view from my friend's condo of the front of Rusti's house. By the gate I've lodged a log, a huge 5 foot tall candle, an ironing board (that Dallin was sitting on) and this lounge chair to try and stop the water.

So yesterday my Dad and his wife Rosie came over about 1 pm to say goodbye. It began raining quite hard. When they left at 1:30 pm it was still raining hard. I let the kids go out and play in it. Oh the fun the rain brought for us. The patio became a large slip n slide. The water was even a few inches over the path steps in backyard. That's never happened. However we went in the house. At 3:30 pm I got the impression I needed to look at the backyard. When I did, I saw the water level had risen so much, it was a few inches over the last ledge and a few feet away from entering Rusti's house. From this point on I was struggling to creatively try and keep the water out of her house, her client's furniture (that was all over her porch) out of the deluge and my little ones from panicing. I'm grateful for my oldest son that was a true hero in this "trial" by water. At first just a few inches entered the house, then I saw a muddy wave come up and over the top of her driveway. From that point on it was all over!!!! The couches that I fought to lift and put on pots and pans were floating headed to the backyard. From this point I grabbed the kids and Troy and I walked them across the muddy river that used to be our street. I have a great friend that lives in a new two story condo across from our soggy house. She watched the younger 4 as Troy and I tried to make sandbags, unplug everything, pull our important things out of our own "house pond" and raise important things away from the rising water. I found Wes' missionary journal floating in our bedroom. So sad. I watched as a few of my beloved blue bins floating around my kitchen and the backyard. That's when I got the idea to float my computer out. I packed it in with a towel, put the lid on and here I am, typing away and still contected with all of you. New use for blue bins, they make a great boat!
Wes and Rusti headed off this morning to the houses to check out the damage. I'm completely sore from my muddy water battle that lasted about 5 hours. We are here safe in a multi million dollar condo over looking the ocean. Oh how I could fill pages about the contrasts in my life here in Costa Rica.

If you look in the middle of the picture you will see the top of the handrails to the pool.

This is our front door.

And this is Wes and my bedroom. It's also a storage unit for all of Rusti's decorating items.


Christine said...

Shawna!! I can't believe it!! Has she ever been flooded before? Thank goodness you were there to save what you could (including the computer). What an adventure! Definately your life is more interesting than ours! I hope you can salvage most of all your things. I guess it'll be nice to enjoy the other spectrum of life while your waiting for the water to leave. It's nice Rusti has connections where you can escape. Crazy!! All we're worrying about is escaping the heat. No rain within miles here.

By the way how was Paige's baptism? I thought it was so great that your Dad and Rosie came down. What a wonderful surprise!

Alison said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe this! I think I'm having my own paradigm shift as I read about your adventures of the day. I'm so glad you are safe. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Kristen said...

Oh Shawna! I'm so sorry to hear about the flood. I'm in awe over those pictures!!
Thank goodness you saved the computer...keep us posted!

Lara said...

I can't believe those pictures. That is insanely crazy. I feel like I'm watching the news instead of reading a blog about a friend! Please keep us posted on how this story ends.

Maryann said...

LIFE IN PARDISE!!!!! what the heck, rainey season gone bad!!!! I can see you out there fighting the flood you are one tough chick!!! I hope you are all ok.
That was so cool your dad got to come down, I hope he made it out ok. well it looks like your maid will be reallllllllly buzy this week at your house. well love you and will be thinking of you and your family.

Nikki said...


I was feeling sorry for myself today because we have had no air conditioner for 1 1/2 weeks and yesterday my washing machine broke. Now I am counting my blessings. Wish I was there to help you salvage stuff. You are definitely having an array of experiences there in Costa Rica.

Remember "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" ~~Friedrich Nietzsche

Love ya

Eric & Laura said...

WOW is all I can say. That flooding is insane! We're glad everyone made it to safety. Let us know how it all turns out.

Heather Anderson said...

Totally crazy!!! I cannot believe that you thought to save your computer and that you were able to fight this flood. You are super mom! And you have the most exciting blog ever LOL