Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We've Had to Be More Creative...

We all have, including me. I've had to come up with ways to keep my little ones attention.

1. made play dough {3 times}
2. colored salt
3. made tents, forts, clubs and houses
4. cooked cookies
5. played with noodles
6. filmed a play
7. made a cake
8. captured bugs
9. took apart an alarm clock {on purpose}
10. fed a dead dragon fly to our killer ants
11. made an obstacle course
12. made clouds
13. finger-painted

and now we add number 14

14. built our own train track

I'm sure to my ultra creative friend Cindy, this list might not seem to interesting. In fact she is such a good organizer of play, she even has one of those "cool" aprons with all the pockets. {I've tired not to covet it}. For me, it's been a challenge to come up with things for my guys to do everyday. They each brought 2 toys so I've had to use the things that we already have to make it more fun. I have enjoyed the challenge!!!

Aiden loved to play with his GeoTrac train in the states. So we used Landon's train set, packaging tape and household items to create this world. The kids played for about 3 hours with this. Do you see the HIGH heeled shoe? (tan) Wes' sweet sister Rusti gave me these. They are so cute, but let's just say in a country where women are so short, I look ridiculous in these.


So we used them as garages for the cars. They are perfect with their peek-a-boo toes.

The other day Aiden was entertained with dental floss, 2 matchbox cars, 3 pencils a shoe and an ice cream scoop. Now, to some of you that might sound sad, even bring a tear to your eye. {Don't worry we could buy more toys if we wanted to} But for me it was beautiful! His little imagination was just blossoming. I didn't set it up for him, he found these specific things that he needed and went for it. Creativity is a beautiful thing. Don't you love it when your little ones play like this?

Do you have any easy ideas for creative play? What has worked for your kids?


Kristen said...

I think it's great that your kids are away from TV, video games, etc. and are actually using their imaginations to play! They are probably having the time of their lives! They are lucky to have a creative Mom like you...
the train looks so fun!

loubige said...

It sounds cool Shawna. It sounds like you are implementing some of the Waldorf School theologies into your home life....my brother-in-law and sister-in-law would be proud. (example--they aren't allowed to have dolls with faces thus making them use their imagination as to what the doll looks like and theres a bunch more things)
A lot of their beliefs are really good for kids.....I just don't agree with the extremes--but to each their own.

Lara said...

I always swore that when I had kids I wouldn't get them lots of toys. I wanted them to have to be creative. It just didn't work out that way. What a wonderful opportunity your children have!!

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Today my kids played in a sink full of water with craft sticks, clay, tape, wire and other random stuff. Funny how from 5 to 11 all ages could engage. If you haven't tried classic messy stuff you might want to mix corn starch and water (more corn starch than water, just so it is a little runny, no lumps!) Can you get elmers glue and borax soap? If so I can give you the recipe for silly putty. Have you tried making rockets out of alka seltzer tablets and cold water. I might need to send you a package if you can't get your hands on all of it. Let me know! Freeze ice cubes colored with food coloring, fun in the tub! If you turn a pan on low heat and cover it with aluminum foil you can draw with crayons right on to the foil. the wax melts as the crayon moves across the heat, the colors are vibrant and when you move it off the heat it cools to a masterpiece! Can you find caterpillars to grow into butterflies? Sounds like Paige would like it. Research the host plant for local butterflies and then you can find eggs or caterpillars. We did this a few summers ago for the common buckeye butterfly. Their plant source grew at our apartment. We just have been watching tadpoles go to frogs. I bet you could find a little swampy pond and capture some of those to watch! Good luck! Are your kiddos reading any good books?

Ethan and Jacob really liked watching the croc! How cool and adventurous! Ethan would like Dallin to email. He reads the blog and asks everyday if he has mail. When you have time...Cambrie just brought me some peanut butter, so i better go get her some!

Posted by Cindy P.