Friday, July 18, 2008

The Great Adventures of the Banagas Family...

Another Great Day…

Every Saturday we try to get out as a family and go on an outing. Last Saturday we just started driving, took a turn into the hills and kept going, and going and going!
Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The waterfall.

Please excuse Paige's hair. I started this tradition of letting the kids ride on the outside of our car while holding on. However, it was meant for short rides from our mailbox to our driveway, not up steep Costa Rican Mountainside. Troy Dallin and Paige rode about half of the way this way, the other half in the back of the car with the hatch up. What fun!!!

One of my favorite things about Costa Rica is boys in jeans and flip flops. I think that is the "coolest"!

We found this abandoned house, atleast we think it was abandoned, by the waterfall. Since my time spent with my high school buddy Nikki in Utah, I love old wooden homes.

Costa Rica has the ugliest looking cows. I'm not even sure that they are ugly enough to have character. The meat that they provide is less than great since they are so thin. I guess they do look kind of cute in this shot but that is due to the professional photographer behind teh camera. On our adventure I found these traditional "American" dairy cows. Aren't they beautiful?

Just beautiful!!!

A face only a mother could love! So cheesey!!!

The diner we ate lunch at. After we had eaten there my sweetheart says, "These are the places that "gringos" get sick from." Great honey!!!

We had been traveling for a few hours and came upon this. A huge tree in our way. Everyone just parked and waited patiently for them to use a machette to obliverate it. Everyone but my honey (waited patiently).

Finding a toucan was part of the tour! SWEET!!!

Oh how I love pictures of my sweetheart with our little ones. They grow so fast. Don't we wish we could just sweep them over the river of teenage years!?!?!


Nikki said...

I got a mention on the blog..TOO COOL!!

You got some great pictures. I get so nervous eating outside of the US. So when you told how Wes said that was the place gringos got sick, I had to kind of chuckle.

Love ya my friend!!!

Lara said...

All I can think when I look at these pictures is how GREEN everything is. But I guess it would look like that here, too, if it rained like it does there. I guess everything's a trade-off...

Kristen said...

oh Shawna those pictures were beautiful! So neat!!
I just love all your posts:)

Tonja said...

Your kids are going to have the best childhood memories.