Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have You Ever…

put your ear to your child’s chest just to appreciate that their heart is beating?

closed your eyes as you were holding your little one's hand so you can better remember how their small, chubby hand fit in yours?

stopped doing your “chores”, dropped on the floor and wrestled with your kids?

opened your eyes to watch your three year old pray to his Heavenly Father with eyes scrunched so tight and had to hold yourself back from interrupting with a huge snuggle?

changed your attitude about having a screaming child awake at 3 am and spent the next few hours cuddling and enjoying the moment much more than you would sleep?

been so mad at your pre-teen and in the middle of ranting about the error if their ways, you notice him trying his best not to laugh. You suddenly remember when your mother was doing the same to you and find it extremely funny and burst out laughing yourself?

been in an argument with your child about who loves who more that went on for over 30 minutes?

thanked Heavenly Father for each healthy child and knew what a blessing it was that their body worked?

sobbed and sobbed for another family as illness took their little one back to heaven?

had such a precious moment with your child you knew you should grab your camera to capture it, but were too selfish to leave the moment?

realized that you do have everything?


Kristen said...

Shawna that made my heart well said (and so well felt).
Thanks for sharing that!

loubige said...

Loved this post Shawna. All of it is very true. I remember closing my eyes to remember their chubby little hands.....and I chuckled when you talked about laughing when you are yelling at your kids. I do that all the time, I'll be getting after them for something and then just start cracking up and then they just bust up laughing as well. I like it, I'm hoping it let's them know that I love them even though I'm upset with something they've done wrong AND most of all,I hope they will learn that it's okay to laugh at yourself!

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Of all things I have tuaght my kids that it's o.k. to laugh at theirselves. I can see you doing the same thing Lou!
What is this crazy world without laughter? It's just plain crazy!

Thanks Kristen. Well with both of you here I think we should schedule a girls night out!