Saturday, July 5, 2008

We Have Moved...

Here is Landon sound asleep for the first few hours of our move. {Thank heavens!}

AGAIN!!!! We did know this move would be coming up and that our stay in Rusti's back house was temporary. But our deluge brought our move out date closer. It seemed like such a waste to move our stuff back into our back house digs and then move out a few weeks later.

So I need to decide how much I tell you about our move. Do I tell you that when Wes first brought me to our new place that I went bolistic, threw a tantrum and said comments like, "There is no way I'm moving our family into THIS!!!!" and "You can move into this roach infested box put I'm not!!!" {which was a complete shock to him because I'm usually so easy going} Or do I spin it and say It's a cozy home with an eco friendly design? I'm not sure which way to go.

So back to the "paradigm shift" concept. Here it is 3 weeks after our new place and I first met and I'm basicly pleased to be here. We have our own space. We have three bedrooms 1 bathroom and a bathroom under construction. Oh isn't construction fun! {said in a highly sarcastic tone} When I calmed down, a few days later, I told my sweetheart that having 2 bathrooms to 7 people was a necessity. I should have mentioned hot water, no cockroaches and a oven/stovetop that actually heated our food as a necessity. Oh well, I'll remember next time.

Here is the bathroom construction, until I made them knock out the right wall so that we didn't have to climb over the toilet to reach the tub.

The other thing that I've been thinking about as of lately is CONTENTMENT.

I have been pretty content with things in my life. I'm pleased that I have 5 healthy children. I know what a blessing that is. I was happy with our little home in Utah.
I enjoyed the yard in our quaint home in Riverside. Our place in Corona was a dream home for me and I loved it there. Then with our move back to Riverside, I got to be with my closest and dearest friends again. I have felt so content with life.

But here in beautiful Costa Rica, my world has been rocked. I decided to move here so don't I get to decide the trials I will and will not go through? Isn't that how it goes??? I didn't get the memo that it wasn't my choice! When we moved into Rusti's back house it was less than 1/4 the size of our place in Riverside, but I was content. The flood wasn't on my list of acceptable trials, but we survived and I was content. Our last move has been a little more tricky for me to keep my "content" card up in the air. I have come to the conclusion that being content isn't difficult when you are headed upwards in "temporal" things, but when you are headed downwards, {spiraling downward miles at a time} it can be tough!

Until today, I was reading about a high school just a few cities over where they are meeting outside because the school is uninhabitable. They have many problems including a septic tank that is leaking and a foundation that won't hold out much longer. Oh, and after my hissy fit over the house, Wes took me out looking for something more "North American" and we only found homes in much more of a dire state than ours. So, here I sit, content, typing away on my MAC in a place that I can't believe we could ever call home, and I'm happy. I've had another paradigm shift.

This is before we painted it. The black shading on the yellow wall is actually mold.

This is after a fresh coat of "tan" paint. No mold yet! My next job, to paint the front door red! Who doesn't like a red door?

So now I make it a game to think of ways to put a spin on things about our new place. Would you like to hear a few?

1. My electric bill will be so much smaller since we don't have water to heat.
2. I can sweep my entire house in under 5 minutes.
3. Nothing can ever get lost in my cupboards because I don't have any.
4. Nature is so close, it's really, really, really close.
5. I never need to put on a nature CD to relax, it's like the outdoors is inside.

It's interesting, these words have been going through my head all day today. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" A wise saying by our president Kennedy. I need to think about what I can do for this country and not be expecting this country to do things for me. Then I know we will get along so much better. We might even become the best of friends.

This is our house after it was painted.


Lara said...

I find a little pleasure in hearing you complain some. I was beginning to think you were way too good to be true! I don't really know what to say about this new trial of yours except that we've been praying for you and your family, Shawna.

MAR said...

You are such a great soul! You had me laughing and in tears. We miss you and know you're soaking it all in (literally and figuratively?). I hope the move is going well and the kids are helping you. I heard the fam is supposed to go out there in Nov? I will be student teaching by then so :(... i will have to go later. Love you.

katemeri said...

Hey Shawna, welcome to Costa Rica. I found your blog while reading Teri's blog, YoYo in Paradise. My name is Kate and my husband and I moved to Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica 3 years ago. Yes, there are some trials and tribulations, but we look at it as our big adventure and we absolutely love it! Welcome!

Pura vida,

Sharla said...

Never a dull moment, huh? I truly admire what you are doing sister! I think we can all identify with your feelings, why you have them, and that we all might feel the same.
Hang in there, you are teaching us all some very valuable lessons about life. I am sure this will do wonders for your kids, can i ship you a couple of mine too? ha ha ha!

Nikki said...

Just know my thoughts are with you my friend!!

I can see your frutration and I have said since you began this "adventure" you are a better woman than I.

Keep up the positive thinking.

Love ya~


Heather Anderson said...

You are a strong girl! I think my fight may have gone on a little longer...we miss you!

Christine said...

Shawna, just got back into town. Sorry to miss your call. It's nice to come here and catch up on your life. I loved the lesson in attitude. I think whether you have temporal things or not happiness is still a choice. I've seen plenty of people who are well off financially but are not happy. I think you've found the key to happiness, gratitude. If you can find something to be grateful for you'll be content (even if it's for no cupboards and cold water). How many of us will ever have the opportunity to step outside of our North American comfort zones and learn a new way of living and thinking. If anyone can do it with grace and humor I know you can. Your an inspiration! Just think when you get back to the states any form of housing will probably feel luxerious! Love ya!