Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Women's Meeting...

As you know I've been trying to attend the area's bi-lingual women's group meeting for 4 months now. I finally did it. Every month something came up, Wes couldn't watch the kids, I didn't remember until the afternoon of the meeting day and then they were off for 2 months. Last week, I made it. It was just what the Dr. ordered. I sat at a table with 30 or so other women, mostly gringos mixed with tico's. Most of the women were business women sprinkled with a few of us stay at home moms. It was glorious. They had a couple who wrote a Costa Rican travel guide speak to us. {Great book I'd highly recommend. Talks more about the quaint hotels, eco lodges and Bed and Breakfasts instead of the huge corporate hotels.} Sleeping with Tucans.
I was able to meet so many influencial women that have done great things for this community. Procuring 2 logo jobs was also a nice feature. Another added bonus. I'm designing the logo for the "Central Pacific Women's Group". It doesn't get much better than this!
On top of that experience I got to tag along with Rusti to a baby shower. It seems like friends are flocking into my Costa Rican world. This has made all the difference for me. I have yet to make the life long friends that I have at home in the states, but I really can't complain.
Something I learned, at Costa Rican baby showers they toast the baby on the way using egg nog. The egg nog has extra additives that you wouldn't expect at a baby shower. Hummmm.


Summer said...

I'm so glad you are having a good time. Friends really do make a huge difference for us stay at home moms. I hope your getting used to the changes. Are you doing photography there?

TICA MACHA said...

Was it "Ron Popo" the "Ticas" used for egg nog? I love to make that at Christmas aaaaand you can buy it at the grocery (made by Dos Pinos). Good stuff. The recipe for the Cuban version is on my blog. Just search egg-nog on my blog (upper left corner).
Would love to get together before CHRISTMAS!
Good to see you at the meeting. Can't wait to see your logo.
You go girl. -t

loubige said...

Congratz on meeting new friends and also getting some working gigs! I'm sure everyone is excited to get to know you that you meet down there, you're just so fun to be with. Good luck!
I wish I was in Riverside to be one of the lucky few to hook up with you! Enjoy!!