Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh How Fast that Week Flew By!!!

I arrived "home" here in gorgeous Costa Rica late last night. With a tough bout of car sickness, I was hoping to sneak in and crash in bed. That however, was not to be the case. As my taxi pulled up my kids had placed themselves as ornamental statues on our fence. How cute is that? Even the youngest of our crew climbed up. I was covered in snuggles and kisses, what more could a mommy desire?

The most impressive homecoming event had to be the state of our home. It was tidy!!!! Not only tidy but reorganized. My fridge, microwave and table were all rearranged into a better configurement for our (ridiculously tiny) small quarters. Ladies, how romantic is that?????

I will post more of my adventures in Cali probably tonight.


Tonja said...

That is the best forplay ever! (The clean house part)

Heather Anderson said...

It was fun to see you for a second when you were here. And the clean house is always the best thing a man can do:) It just shows how much he missed you!