Monday, September 29, 2008

This Is How I Feel Right Now!!!!

I am in H-E double hockey sticks!!! Why didn't someone stop me when I mentioned that I was going to home school 3 kids, one with severe ADHD while watching and entertaining 2 little ones. Why, why why!?!?!?!

It is not going well. We started at 9 am and it's now 11:20 and only one of my kids has made it past the first subject, Math.

Did I mention little Landon just threw our brand new wii across the tile floor to it's death? Now it won't turn on.

I should never write when I'm at the depths of despair as I am now, I just realized I hadn't done a post for today. I need to hear that things will get better, right? anyone there?

***It's now 12:20 pm and we've had lunch. Paige has now realized I'm not kidding and she will be doing schoolwork at 3 am if she needs to!!! Things are going much better. Thank heavens!!!! Please disregard the above post, let's both pretend I didn't write it. O.K. ? (Until tomorrow when it all starts over again!)


Sharla said...

This is EXACTLY why I don't homeschool. :) I think I would be in exactly the same predicament. Can't believe you are back already, it seems like you should still be here. It was SO great to see you! Sad I didn't really get to say goodbye.

loubige said...

Oh I'll pretend.....since that's what I do over here as well!
And HELLO, life is never perfect, as a mother we WILL get frustrated--
We need to see that each other is normal, I don't want to think my friends are all 'Stepford wives'. How depressing would that be.(for me)

Maybe I'll email you around 1 or 2AM to give you something to do while you're doing homework with Paige! :-)
(I know--not funny)

Christine said...

Hang in there Shawna!!!

I'll be praying that you'll be blessed with patience because thats about all we can control.

Love ya,

Nikki said...

Take a deep breath my friend and remember, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger."


Anonymous said...

Oh crack me up ( I can say that now because I've already read the latter post how things got better). :) I'm sure it will continue to get better (except the Wii maybe :() until you have a solid schedule. When they figure out they can have more play time if they get the work done...then it will happen.

Peggy Sue :)