Sunday, November 30, 2008

If Anyone Was Wondering...

YES we would love to get your Christmas card. My kids are a little concerned that Christmas just won't be the same this year. They are right, it won't. However if you would like to still send us a Christmas card that would be AWESOME.

Really, really awesome.

But remember, Costa Rica does not have a mail system. So if you would send your Christmas greetings to my mother in law (see below address) she'll bring them with her when she comes. She's coming on the 20th of December.

Oh, I'm so excited!!! I'm not going to tell my munchkins, I'll just keep it a surprise.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Banagas Family
c/o Colleen Foote
32801 Silver Charm Court
Menifee, Ca 92584


Older & Wisor said...

Maybe that will be incentive for me to actually get them out this year ;)

Christine said...

That will be great to have grandma down for Christmas! Now we'll just have to get the kids to write letters too. What's up with the mail system. How do missionaries get letters?

loubige said...

Cool. I will get it in the mail soon! And yah....what is up with the mail system?!

That's cool you will have visitors over the holidays!

Tonja said...

That's cool that Colleen gets to go visit you all. I see her all the time with Ambrea. I can't believe no mail system, that's crazy!

Heather Anderson said...

How fun to have family visiting for the holidays:) We will send a card :)