Friday, November 14, 2008

We are off...

on a little {much needed} trip. We are getting out of dodge, as they say.

I thought I'd post 1 more of my "organizing" ideas.

Since doing our laundry is such a difficult task for us right now, I get so {irritated} concerned when I wash towels that don't look or smell dirty. Sometimes they even make it into the laundry pile still folded. I'm sure none of you women out there know what I'm talking about.

So I painted each of my kid's names on a towel. It's been great, I now know who left their damp towel mushed up on the bathroom floor. Hee.. Hee! {said with a crackling witch voice}

And the kids get this towel for the week! Yep, you might find that unhealthy, but I've found if you hang it up to air dry, the towel is actually still nice, even by Friday. It might be the heat here that drys everything so fast. Either way, this is it, all they get.

Already my laundry pile is down about 2 loads, and hey, I'll take that!!!!

If I lived in the states I would call my friend Linda Burgess who has a embroidery company out of her home {I'm not sure if that is true yet, but the business women in me has tried to push her into it} and have her embroider my kid's names on their towels. When Dallin was baptized, I had her embroider his name and baptism date along with a "choose the right" logo on it. It turned out awesome.

So there you go. I hope your Friday is going well and wish you all a moment of bliss today.


Kristine Van Buskirk said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but here I am. I was so excited when I saw your name! How are you? You truly are living in paradise. What sent you there? Your family is beautiful!

As for this post....GREAT idea! I have the same problem, even the "still folded" part. It's very frustrating! Great thinking. I might have to copy this. Thanks for the tip.

Great to see you!

loubige said...

sweet idea! Have a good trip wherever you are going!!

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

What chu talkin bout don't have no dry air down there! heehee I must have been a bad mom all along - I've always made them use the same one. Now if I could just cut down on the amount of towels I have to wash after wiping up the flood on the floor after bath/shower time is over...
I like the paint idea but my towels are dark (or at least WERE dark, now nicely faded). Maybe white paint??

Ambrea said...

love the idea...I've been planning on making the hooded towels for the boys for Christmas. One of my friends will embroider a name for $5!

TICA MACHA said...

Your idea is fantastic and the lettering is great. If you do want monogramming, I know a lady that comes to Jaco that does industrial sewing and monograms. She makes boat covers, etc. and made a few shirts for me. I'll send her info to you. -t