Monday, April 7, 2008

About Two Weeks Left!!!!

Aughhhhhh! Can I make it? Breathe Shawna, just breathe.
I just finished reading a wonderful blog about the insects, snakes and venimus creatures in the area we will be living. Compiled with the stress I feel right now to relocate my family of 7 out of the country in 16 days, I'm about to change my mind. {Did I just write that outload???} I will remind myself in the morning that this is a dream my sweetheart and I have and it will all work out. Everything is better in the morning, right???

This is called a Hercules Beetle. They are huge and make great pets.
I have to remember Hercules Beetle good. Ants o.k. Scorpions won't kill. Caterpillars very bad! Snakes, just stay away from them!!


Tonja said...

k, now i'm worried for you too. please tell paige not to touch any snakes. i won't blame you if you change your mind. i hate bugs and creatures like that. i thought scorpions DO kill (???) just pray real hard every day!

The B family said...

Some scorpions do kill, but not in Costa Rica. They sting but it's just like a bee.
I was in a panic last night. I feel much better today. Whew! I have already had a talk about snakes with the kids. :)

loubige said...

Dude. Shawna. I would have the willies the entire time I lived down there, thinking that some bug will be crawling up my leg at any moment. You are awesome and so much more adventurous than I am, Good Luck!!
What kind of catepillars are dangerous? That's crazy, and that Hercules Beetle-NASTY.

Glad you are better today, a good nights rest always seems to help.

Nikki said...

I definitely would be havng second thougts after seeing that beetle. HOLY COW!!!
You are one adventurous woman.


Christina said...

DANG is all i can say!! ive seen those brother came home with one in his suitcase after his mission--good times--it seriously WAS SO GINORMOUS!!

im still WAY excited your going!! you know i'd be doing it if it wasnt for the man in the wheelchair over here...dangt!

TICA MACHA said...

I'm from South Florida but have lived in CR (south) for five years. I welcome you and your family to this beautiful country. Please feel free to contact me - I sure do miss talking photo talk.
Don't let people scare you, it's not that "buggy".
When it rains though, it pours and the rain is coming early this year. Teri in Hermosa

TICA MACHA said...

I added you to my website sharing on my blog. I couldn't find where I can subscribe to your blog. I am soooo interested in reading how you make out here with children!