Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little Catch-up...

We ran out of Internet...so here is a week's worth of photos.

What is sweeter than 2 little boys, fresh out of the bath wrapped up in a white towel (or sheet because laundry wasn't done)?


My friend Costa Rica has helped catapult my children's imagination to higher levels. I'm so thankful. Here my little guys have found pet snakes to play with. {Daddy's belts}
Paige made this caterpillar out of a broken ornament and tape. {I think she was involved in the crime, breaking the ornament}
But isn't Henry the caterpillar beautiful? He gave her at least an hour of entertainment.

This is the designer wrench my sweetheart created for me when he changed out our shower head. He thought the juice was off in the bathroom, but alas it wasn't. :)

It was quite scary...the electricity in the entire "casa" went off for a few seconds and with the scream that came from my honey's mouth at the same time left us all quite concerned. Turns out the sparks that were flying were the reason for his yell.


I had to throw this one in for good measure. Paige has given me a hard time with taking medicine lately, so I've had to be a little creative. I pull the capsule apart and then plan my creative attack. I thought this was funny...I spread the capsules on the frosting of a homemade cookie and the medicine looked like white sprinkles.

Smart, huh?

Nope...she caught me! Wouldn't even swallow it.

Back to the drawing board.


Anne Marie said...

How funny! My brother was the same way with medicine. Hope you find something that works!

Lara said...

I used to try to hide Joseph's meds when he refused to take them. Isn't that awful?

Christine said...

I love the medicine sprinkles!

Last time Jacob was on antibiotics they prescribed him the big pills. He said he could take them in the doctor's office but of course at home he couldn't swallow them.

With his insistance we poured them onto a spoonfull of chocolate pudding. It smelled horrible to me so I can't imagine what it tasted like but he ate it.

Maybe he was fine with it because it was his idea. Yuck.

Good luck.

Love your kids imagination too:)