Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adios will be missed.

We have had great elders serving in our branch since we first arrived here 8 months ago. Mothers of these fine young men, I have done my best to feed them and make sure that they don't loose too much weight on my watch.

Today is a sad day for us as we will be losing the Elders that we have spent the last 3 months here, Elder Silva and Elder Howell. Here they are decorating Christmas cookies a few weeks before Christmas. {What can I say, I've got little ones around the house and this is what we do} I was quite surprised that they seems excited to be making these creations, either that or they are great actors. Probably a little of both.

To the mothers of Elder Howell and Elder Silva I want to say to you:

Thank you for raising sons that have the great desire to serve the Lord. They have been a wonderful influence on my sons {and daughter} and our little branch. You would have been so proud today to see them as I did, bearing their testimonies in a foreign tongue. I thought of you and wished you could have seen what I saw today.

Thank you.


BreeWee said...

What a nice post!!

I have been coming to Costa Rica since 1997 and found your blog from my friend Teri's.

I am so glad I found it, my prayer is God will move me to Costa Rica (I have had that same prayer since 1997) but of course I had to graduate high school, then college, and well, now I am thinking it is His timing (praying it is anyways)...

Your blog has me motivated seeing you raise your children there, as I will be bringing my young son.

Most Happy 2009 to your family!!

Costa Rica Baby! said... good to get your post.


Please email me...I'd love to give you whatever advice you need to make it here and with less trouble than I had. :)

Talk soon.