Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Request to My Costa Rican Amigas...

My cousin (who adores animals) and is here learning Spanish, would like to volunteer/work here in Costa Rica for a few weeks to a few months. She´s 21 and taking a semester off to do this.

What do you think?
Do any of you sweet ladies know of an opportunity for her? Anyone have a connection for us?

Thanks in advance!

We are off traveling the country...should be back in a few days with PICTURES!

Can we say ROAD TRIP?



Anonymous said...

How about the turtle preserve on Playa Hermosa. They usually are looking for help, and I think now is the time when the babies are hatching and returning to the ocean.


BreeWee said...

Enjoy your road trip and PLEASE post fotos!

TICA MACHA said...

The McKee Project is looking for help with their spay day in Herradura.

Kristen said...

yes...can't wait to hear all about it :)