Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally Getting My Act Together...

I've actually sat down at my computer with my camera AND the sync cord. The kids are downstairs with my sweetheart...and I am LOCKED IN, upstairs.

Boy, I'm good.

I have a few family pictures to share.

Troy got 100% on guitar hero. If any of you have tried to play with your kids, you know how difficult this is! He barters the game {it's a friend of his} for time on his "rip stick". It's worked out well for both Troy and his friend.
This is what I am soooooo pleased about. Having a dinning area to eat our family meals. The table is one of those plastic, fold down ones from Costco {or our version of Costco} so it's a tight squeeze. The table cloth on top is a shower curtain {the material kind, not plastic}. I highly recommend using one of those when you have little ones at the dinner table. Everything just wipes right up!

Making sure that we have been able to sit as a family for meals has been a battle. I've realized how important it is to me since living the "puda vida" here. At first we didn't have a table big enough. Then we ended up rearranging things to slide 2 tables together. Next, I actually placed a big board on top of a little glass table. That worked well as long as no one leaned on it. One day I needed to take the board off and Paige forgot. Next thing you know, she is lying on the tile floor covered in glass.

I don't know how she didn't get hurt, but she was fine.

So today, as I set my table for Sunday dinner...I was very {emotional} thankful for that opportunity!
Thursday, as I came back from my little jaunt to the grocery store, I worried when I couldn't find our youngest. Panicked, I raced upstairs to look and this is what I found. My sweet one, sound asleep!

Dallin said, "Yah, he fell asleep here about half an hour ago." Dallin just continued to work on his blog.
"What! You let him stay like this for 30 minutes!" I was so outraged that I made Landon wait another 5 minutes while I got my camera. Sorry little one! But it was too cute to pass up.

My perfect angels picked the most beautiful flowers for me the other day. {They look so innocent!}

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Christine said...

I've been playing some rock band with the kids since Christmas (it's addicting), I'm not super good on anything but it's fun!

So are you happy in your new house?