Saturday, February 28, 2009

Horseback Riding...

the saga continues:

While my aunt and my cousin were visiting we decided that horseback riding on the beach was a must! I'm glad we did. Another "to do" on my bucket list crossed off.

My sweetie and I decided that since we couldn't pay for all of the kids to attend every adventure while our "delightful" visitors were here we would take one child on each outing. Paige chose riding the horses. Here she is with Lecosta, the owner of our stallions. {They had just fed the horse some pineapple rind)
Joanna and Paige anxiously awaiting our adventure.
And here we are, pro's! The horse that Paige and I were on was the youngest of the group BUT sure was the slowest. We tried EVERTHING we were told to do to make him speed up.
Paige changed his name to Molasses.

It fit!

Lecosta's help, Jose, cut pineapple for us. Yummy. You haven't had pineapple until you've had white pineapple.

See that machete he's holding? Everyman here has one of those. You will often see them walking around with one casually in their hand like it was a lolly pop.

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