Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Thankful for...

They are my connection to the ones I miss and love. I even get disappointed when people don't have their pictures on their Facebook profile. Carolyn, you've got to get yours uploaded. :)

I just bought a 5x7 frame the other day {10 months into our stay} so other than the one glorified print, my other photographs reside on this beautiful plate. I hope they can survive until frames arrive home for them. I have to admit I love them displayed this way...where they can be picked up and handled. It's the closest I can get to hugging the rest of my family.
To all our friends and family, "Thanks for sending us your fantastic Christmas cards!" My kids were just thrilled to open these on Christmas Eve. We love you all so much...sniff, sniff.
For my last picture {the one that lives in the frame}, I have a beautiful memory. This was taken oh, 3 or 4 years ago at women's conference. Let's see, we've got Sharla, Penny, Cindy, me, Kristin and in front, my buddy Christine. All smushed up in the middle is Christine's ADORABLE aunt, who, if it's possible, might be a tad bit sweeter than Christine. {Just a TAD though}

This was a moment in time when all the stars seemed to be aligned. We were all able to attend WC together, no one was nursing a baby, or ready to deliver {although Kristin was about 6 weeks away}. We laughed, cried, grew closer to our Heavenly Father and each other. It was a great weekend..."clap, clap, clap and a little shrill"-just for "mi amiga" Cindy.

So I'm thinking about heading over to Utah for women's conference again in May.

Anyone else going?

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Christine said...

We're flying out to my parents for spring break so I'm trying to go but I'm going to have to convince the hubby that two plane trips in a month is perfectly OK :) and not frivolous on my part at all.

That Women's conference is one of my favorite memories ever! During that time I was thinking "Let's do this every year!" but even then in the back of my mind I realized that with the changes of life it might be hard to replicate. Who knew just how hard! I have great memories of the last Women's Conference we went to as well! (That felt like the fastest drive to Utah I've ever had) This year my sister is having a baby right around Women's conference. I don't know Shawna maybe you shouldn't go unless you want another little one:)it seems to be related somehow...