Monday, February 16, 2009

It's A NEW Day...

Our two little ones have FINALLY started preschool.

I have been homeschooling all five of them {and NOT very well I might add} How do you teach 5 kids, one with ADHD and switching between a 12 year old and a 2 year old? I know many do it, plus hold huge jobs at church, run home businesses, have dinner on the table promptly at 5:30 and have a spotless house. The only thing I do well is dinner on the table. It's my thing.
Here is our youngest taking his "pack-pack" off. They were both so thrilled this morning. {Pretty close to my level of excitement.}
I handed the camera to Troy, didn't he do such a good job here.
There are bars everywhere here in Costa Rica. Stealing just isn't really considered a bad thing. So everywhere you look you'll see bars. Even in my little guy's preschool. This is Aiden during P.E.

Last night Aiden asked me, "Mom are we really going to preschool or are you just kidding like last time?"


Wes and I have told the kids they were going to preschool 2 times now over these last 9 months. We've gotten them all pumped up and then backed out at the last minute. Once when the "actual" price was double what the paper said it was. The other time, we realized the money needed to pay a taxi to get the kids there everyday would be just too much.

"Yes Aiden, you are going to preschool! I'm not kidding this time!"


Christine said...

How fun that they can go together!! So who would've thought you'de have the youngest one's at school for some time away but you'de have your older ones at home:)

Emily said...

what a wonderful adventure! love the pictures!

Heather Anderson said...


Lara said...

Your kids are adorable, Shawna!