Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women's Conference...

So I've been thinking about attending Women's Conference in a few months.

Really thinking about it.

Can we afford it? I seriously "want" to go.

I really need to go.

Then I realized something. {enter my light bulb moment} I'm searching for something outside of my situation that is already available here.

Just like someone {not that I've ever done this} putting off exercising and getting in shape until they lay down BIG money for the newest gym or home equipment. Then having the home equipment break about the 3rd week! {Eh...hemm.}

Everything you need to get in shape is already within your reach. Some good tennis shoes, water and good food.

So here I am, putting off my spiritual growth, expecting something in Utah to provide that for me; when everything I need is right here within reach.

Those things are
* personal conversations with my Father in Heaven
* scriptures opened and studied more often
* serving others
* watching and/or reading spiritual messages
* and MORE personal conversations with my Father in Heaven

Now, I'm still planning on heading on over to BYU for women's conference, don't get me wrong! There is fantastic advice given.

Besides, have you ever sat in a colossal building and sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" with over 7,000 angelic women's voices testifying that same truth with you?

It's something to do before you pass from this life.

The difference is this year I'm going PREPARED. I'm not arriving on campus gasping for more spiritual oxygen, I'm bringing my tank with me and full.

That is IF I decide we can afford it. :)


Ambrea said...

I've been thinking about the same stuff...filling my lamp with oil.

Christine said...

It's funny it seems that every time I make an effort to read an Ensign article or watch an old talk on Byu TV it seems to apply to my life THAT DAY. How much more guidance would I get if I actually was looking for it more? I suspect it would make my life easier and more peaceful.

Heather Anderson said...

Funny I was having very similar thoughts lately... I was just talking myself into "allowing" myself to take time and money to go to WC this year cuz I "need" the "oil in my lamp" right now... and then I had the thought why do I "need" to go to UT for that. I do still want to go to WC but I love your post! If we both end up there we should meet up:)

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Of course Heather! Let's meet up...{if we get to go!}