Monday, March 30, 2009

Is There Anything Better...

than sitting down after a long day of cooking, cleaning and refereeing and realizing your little ones have come to snuggle?I wonder how long they have been waiting to hang out with mommy today?

Life is so good...

and I refuse to let it pass me by without noticing.

This is my daughter. My one and only daughter. She is the most interesting and entertaining child I have ever met or heard of.

I was working on the computer one night and she too just wanted to be by mommy I guess. I didn't notice she had escaped her room but when I finished up my work, there she was, sleeping on the hard tile. I believe she decided to use my waterproof mascara to become a fair Indian maiden.

Or was that permanent marker?

Anyway, she is amazing.


Ambrea said...

what stinking cute kids! I miss them! I do the same thing work hard all day and then get distracted and forget to stop and just hold my babies, but when they remind me that they need their mommy they are the sweetest ever!

Lara said...

Precious pictures. We mothers must always remember to take the time to snuggle our little ones because they sure don't stay that way forever.