Friday, April 24, 2009

We Are FEELING the Love...

thanks for all the comments everyone! Yippe.

I just have to tell you about last night.

Remember my husband is out of the country...did I mention that? Probably not...just in case some crazy person was following my blog. Anywho...the kids have been as sweet as ever, NOT! You know how it is when the man of the house is gone...they just seem to push things a little more. Or maybe you don't.

So it's been a long 2 weeks for me.

Last night somehow all 5 of them are striving to find a way to sleep in my room. Remember, Wes and I only have a full mattress. {Or did I forget to mention that too?}

So after much discussion {argument} we settled who would sleep where. One of my sons was quite scared after watching ghost whisperer. {I would love to tell you it was my oldest, but that would be just mean, so I won't} After such a long week with him....I just had to tease him about being terrified. Being the oldest of just comes naturally! {I'm quite talented at it too}

I didn't realize that I had freaked him out pretty bad. Paige then suggested we sing a primary song to help him. Next thing I know we are all singing those comforting phrases that teach and calm us.

Even my 10 year old who doesn't like to sing was chirping along.

It was just one of those GREAT mommy moments.


Jenny said...

Tough guy Troy got scared? Poor guy, having his mom harrass him! :) Glad it ended up a sweet moment for you. I can imagine it's been a tough couple of weeks for you.

Christine said...

How funny.

I like ghost whisperer too but I won't watch it alone.

When we've been out and Taylor is babysitting we'll always come back to all the kids sleeping in Jacob's room together.

Heather Anderson said...

Love those Great Mommy moments only I find there are too few of them.

Ambrea said...

Oh that's so special! I LOVE moments like that and it's so amazing to see your kids lean on the Gospel in their little (huge moments to them) moments of despair! You must be doing something right with them! So proud of you for hanging in there so long...I would DIE if Randal was gone that long.