Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Easter...

It's late Friday night...the Elders just left and the town has basically been shut down since Thursday.

When my honey said the town shut down for the holiday, I didn't know he meant "shut-down" completely from Wednesday to Sunday. Did you know that it is illegal here to drink from Wednesday to Sunday? Did you know that you can be arrested if you are caught?

Not that I plan on drinking...just thought that was interesting.

So the stores around us are closed but for the Easter Bunny's sake (and the tradition) I hope I can find a few of the bigger ones opened tomorrow.

So if you are like me and have yet to prepare for Sunday morning might want to check out my gringo friend Robbie's blog. She had the COOLEST idea for dying eggs.

Can you guess how she did these???

Me neither. So head over to ""

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Heather Anderson said...

WOW those are amazing I am trying this next year for sure!