Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random photo's and Video...

Did I mention I LOVE having a small camera? Since the beginning of my photography career I've only known the huge photography devices. This little guy is amazing and CHEAP. Love it.

I never thought I could find the perfect place to live as far as weather goes. Well I've discovered it here in Heredia. Gorgeous mornings mixed with blue sky, birds in song and a slight breeze. Then late afternoon thunderstorms and showers.

Just perfect for me.

Yesterday the kids brought up this to me.
Breakfast at the computer. How lovely is that? I think it's better to get this on a random day than even on Mother's Day. I sure wasn't expecting it.
This is Dallin, Paige and Troy in front of our house here. Notice the BARS that decorate and protect every house. The top room window displays amazing views of the city lights. About once a month we get our own firework presentation. This is my sweet girl soaked to the bone after a nice run in the rain.

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