Friday, May 22, 2009

These are Few of my Favorite Things...

"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes..." Sorry...need to get that out of my head.

Give me another minute...

There...I'm good.

As you know I've put together a package of my favorite things here. Lorena...(who will won the opportunity to be the recipient of these treasures) offered me the chance to put her gifts on the blog before I send the package out.

Since the first batch of pictures came out blurry. Yeah...I'm a professional photographer but this little camera takes some getting used to.

I'm going to take a new set. Also I haven't been worried about getting the package in the mail here. I'm having my girlfriends take it back with them to mail. It will get to her much sooner.

Are you curious to see what she's getting?

Here goes...

Alright...I'm too lazy tonight to retake the are going to have to pretend they are clear and beautiful.

Here is my "clear" photo of Dulce de Leche". They use it on everything sweet here. You will find it in chocolate cakes, tres leche, and as a doughnut topping. I love it heated and poured on ice cream. But the main reason I put it in the package is because of the handy, dandy opening. Love it! Twist off and enjoy.
This is dish washing "paste". It is made for cold water since most homes/shacks here don't have hot water. My favorite detail is that since it is a paste...the kids don't go through it as fast as they do the liquid stuff.
Yumm. It's amazing these have survived. They are the best "galleta" {Cookie} They are a butter shortbread cookie and I love to crumble them up and use as a pie crust. Most snacks here are individually packaged...not as a single serving package...but because once they are opened they become soggy with all the water in the air.
Now I know that you can get these in the states...but they are very popular here. I've seen them scattered on top of birthday, cupcakes and handed out as a afternoon snack. The individual colors actually taste different.

A surfboard key chain will make it to Lorena's home because that was our favorite activity here. Even my little guy headed out with the instructor to surf (when he was just 3).
Oh my vanilla. This secret weapon has benefited many a recipe of mine. If you haven't had vanilla from South or Central are really missing out!
This is a little coconut shell purse...with a few colones inside. They are HUGE compared to U.S. coins.
Awww. This is better than dry Ranch dressing. Mix this up with 8 oz of sour cream and yummmy!! The difference is it has more cilantro inside. I heart cilantro.
You have to have a Costa Rica gecko magnet. In Costa Rica you hope a gecko family takes up residence in your home. They eat mosquitoes. Bon appetite!

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