Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My First Fight to the Death...

O.K., so it wasn't that dramatic! Troy found a scorpion in his clothes bin yesterday. It took awhile for him to convince Paige and Dallin to believe him. When they finally did, boy did they come running to me. I grabbed the jeans that it was on and carried it outside. Boy are scorpions fast!!!! As soon as it hit the ground it was running straight for my bare toes with such speed, I kept brushing it back away and it would come straight for me. Eventually I was able to get one of the kids to throw me a shoe. It took quite a few hits to get it to leave it's earthly "bug" body. I scooted it into the bushes next to us. Then it was like animal kingdom. The ants found it in seconds and started taking it apart. That was scarier than the scorpion coming at me with a vengance! Within a few minutes it was nothing but claws and a tail. Wow!

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Christine said...

Crazy Shawna! Forget the maid I'd be calling Western Exterminator over! Good thing Troy saw it before you were trying to pull the clothes out to wash them. That's freaky just to think about!

My day consisted of trying to get our air conditioning fixed. After 2years of hassles, multiple house calls this guy finally found out what was wrong with it. The friend of our neighbor that had put in our new condenser as a side job had jimmy rigged it using the wrong size pipe. He put the right pipe on and finally after 2 years cold air came out.