Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My New Grocery Store...

This is the farmers market. It’s open every Friday and it’s where I get our produce. They do have three grocery stores here but you will pay so much more and it’s not as fresh and costs so much more. Anything that isn’t grown in Costa Rica is very expensive because of the import tax. Apples were over $3.00 per pound. Ouch. So we have replaced apples with mangoes. They are everywhere. In fact we could survive on the fruit here. All we would need to do is get one of our munchkins to climb a tree and throw down the fruit. It’s a living “free” grocery store around here.
Notice the two women behind me. The both have their hair pulled up in to a bun. It is so humid here it’s impossible to have your hair styled. Notice how crazy mine is? It was done in the morning but a few hours later, it looks like this. Wes’ sister has a cute short cut that pokes out everywhere. It looks very fashionable, however I just don’t have the cheekbones to do it. My friend Louann would do just fine here in the hair department.
I have to mention my good friend Christine who graduated from BYU last week with her Bachelors degree. Way to go Christine!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you!

Oh, did I mention my maid starts Friday?


loubige said...

Sweet! I get a name drop in a post. I am officially cool, now that I've been mentioned on the adventurous blog. Yay! :-)
I don't see any pictures posted and am anxious to see them. If you guys end up staying long term, you should just chop your hair and go for it! It will always grow back.
Jealous about the maid service. But not as much in our current house that is much smaller, it's pretty easy to keep clean....organized....now that's another story.

I think it will be cool to go to church with just Spanish, you guys are really going to have to learn the language, I think that would be the only way I could become fluent---to be thrown into the culture. Yikes. Good luck and I am always awaiting more family fun updates!

Christina said...

YAAAA you posted!!! ive been CALLLINNNG & CALLLLINGGG you!! both your home & cell number-HELLO what happened to VONAGE!??!?!

SO glad to hear you made it-all is well now--and WHAT a maid?!?!?! OH IM JEALOUS NOW!!!

the kids look happy-- BUSTING up at the pocket knife making it thru LAX security!??! what on earth!?!??!

oh mangos.. yum--cook up some rice, then pour warmed up coconut milk over it then add your mangos on top-SO FREAKING GOOD!!

we're gonna need WAY more pictures woman!! seriously!!

im leaving for utah on thursday..COUNTING down the minutes!

Christine said...


Hey I want to see the picture of you with the hair you describe. I can't imagine your hair doing anything too obnoxious. (no picture shows). I loved the weird fruit thing we have smaller versions of seed pod looking things in our neighborhood but I don't think they're edible!

Thanks for the congrats on the graduation. I have to say while I was glad I was there, there were a few times I was wondering how conspicuous I was looking along with all the young ones graduating. I was consoled that there were ladies older than I with their white hair giving them away...but still.

Keep the posts coming. It makes my normal day seem more exciting.

Nikki said...

Where's the picture?
$3.00 a lb for apples? HOLY HANNAH!!! Not sure I could survive. I love them apples.

Love ya

The B family said...

I'm going to try and post video tomorrow. We had a little rain storm. We got 3.5 inches in about 45 minute. Amazing!!!!
Christina, I will try your rice and mango recipe. I have the coconut milk already. It just sounded good so I bought it. :)
Oh, we will have a new number with vonage. We aren't going to mess with setting that up until we move to our other place in about 3 weeks. Email is the best way to get a hold of me now. :)