Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Does it feel like we are on vacation?

"Does it feel like we are on vacation?" I get asked this question often. I would say yes it does but more of the "camping vacation" where the mother does more work on the trip than she even does at home. :) Yeah, that's how I'd describe it. Definitely not the 5 star hotel type vacation. But I like camping! I really like camping.

Here is a shot I took of the view on our way to church. We are gone for about 6 hours on Sunday, an hour drive there and an hour back. Then we have the three hour block of church. We stay an hour after church because the sweet family that we ride with teaches piano. This is so that when they leave someone will be able to play the hymns during sacrament.
The first Sunday was fun even though I didn't understand a word. Umm, actually I understood 3. The second Sunday I was bored out of my mind but had to fake it for the sake of the kids. This last Sunday, the third, was so frustrating because I really wanted to be able to communicate with these sweet sisters (all 6 of them) at church who have actually started to smile ever so carefully at me.
I would love to have an Elder Groburg experience. You remember, he stayed on the beach for 3 days studying, until he understood the language. Then got up and spoke it fluently. Yeah, one of those. My companion {my sweetheart} could bring me food and water and not disturb me. I'd of course be in my swimsuit so that I could have a great tan when done, you know, multi-tasking. The kids would be taken care of by someone else. Think how much I'd get done.

Since that is not an option for me here, I need to start studying, the old fashioned way. So if you don't mind I will occasionally mention some things that I've learned. Who am I kidding, I'm still trying to get out of things by being very vague in my course of action. O.K. I need to be held accountable. This is my goal. Monday-Friday I will post something that I've learned in my new country's language. How's that? Speciffic enough? (Except for power outages, insect invasions, an injured child or loss of Internet) There it is. I'm warning you, I took French in High School, and didn't do to well at that. Tomorrow will be my first lesson. Ciao!

This is a picture of Troy and Dallin with our great missionaries in front of our new gorgeous building. A little over a year ago they were still meeting in a house. (O.K. I've got to mention that this was taken 5 hours after we left for church, they are missing their ties, their shirts are untucked, they look pretty disheveled, but they are smiling.


Kristen said...

I'm excited to see you learn the language! Your Sunday's are definitely an adventure! Cute picture of the boys!

That popcorn recipe sounds great, can't wait to try it.

uncledave said...

My nephews... two future missionaries!!! Very cool.