Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Easy Homemade Bread...

When we decided to move here to CR, I knew that we had 14 bags we could bring that couldn’t be larger than 62 linear inches. That is a very specific space to cram all of your family’s important “can’t live with outs” into. It is interesting how our priorities have changed through the packing process. We still don’t have a T.V. but we did bring the Game Cube. {The kids have yet to ask for a T.V.} How nice is that???
Wes brought his golf clubs and has yet to use them. My two splurges were, my MAC {my computer} and my bread maker. The Mac my husband didn’t argue with. The breadmaker, I have to admit I thought he’d tease me relentlessly about that one. Maybe it’s because he devours my homemade bread, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls and such. Or maybe he loves walking in the house and smelling that home made smell? I’ll ask him and get back to you.
So here is that easy, yummy recipe!

2 teaspoons of yeast (a package of yeast is 2.5 teaspoons so you will need to
3 tablespoons of white sugar
1 cup of warm water
3 cups of flour
¼ cup of melted butter, not to hot
1 ½ teaspoons of salt

In your Breadmaker
(by the way, if you hit your local thrift store you can usually find one for about $5.00! At least that’s the going rate at Deseret Industries Thrift Stores. I bought 2)
Dump the yeast, sugar and warm water. Stir just a little, shut the lid and let it sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes open the lid and the ingredients should be foamy.
Now add the flour, butter and salt. You can have your bread maker do all the work from here, but I don’t. I set it on the dough setting. In an hour and a half it beeps to let me know the dough is ready. I knead it just a few times on a floured cutting board. Then put it in a buttered bread pan into a slightly warmed oven for 30 minutes to rise. Take it out and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Yummy!

Another variation on this recipe. When the dough is ready, roll it out {(casually) I don’t mean dressed casually, just that it doesn’t quite matter how thin you roll it.} and brush on some melted butter. Then sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon on top, roll it back up and put in the bread pan. Continue with directions. This bread makes the BEST cinnamon French toast.

Shawna’s Best Cinnamon French Toast {creative title, yes?}

8 eggs
3 tablespoons of melted butter
4 tablespoons of milk
Cinnamon at your discretion
1 loaf of cinnamon bread, sliced

Mix the first 3 ingredients with a whisk in a bowl. Now sprinkle the top of the egg batter with a little bit of cinnamon. Swirl cinnamon with tip of whisk {finger}.
Now dip the bread, both sides, into the batter. Place bread in skillet and cook on both sides. Serve with warm syrup. {Come on, who can ruin this with cold syrup.} Any extra slices, and believe me there won’t be, can be a little under cooked and put in baggies in the freezer to pop in the toaster on those crazy late for school days. Or, wrap the bread up in plastic wrap, grab an adorable ribbon and tie it into a nice bow. Voila, you’ve got a nice presentation of a cheap gift! {ribbon idea from}

Now look at that. I go to put up one recipe and I give you three plus a gift idea. Wow, sometimes I’m amazing. Now that I have ignored my little ones for 30 minutes, I need to go clean up. Enjoy!


Kristen said...

I'm wiping the dust off my breadmaker right now! Thanks for the wonderful recipes:)

Christina said...

oh so grubilicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to think i was going to be like oprah today and take the 21 day challenge of NO SUGAR OR BREAD!! WHO AM I KIDDING HERE!??!?!?!?!?

Lavendar L said...

When you said MAC, I thought you were talking about make-up. I was like--Shawna doesn't care that much about make-up. So, is MAC a brandname of bread machine, or what?

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Oh Lara-
My Mac is my computer. You know me, I wasn't drooling over make-up! :)

Lavendar L said...

Duh!! I'm a little blonde!