Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, What I Let my Kids Get Away with Here...

Because it's so hot outside, I don't have transportation, I'm home schooling Paige and I don't know the language, we are home {inside} most of the week. {Besides my infrequent rendezvous to the grocery store.} I'm not complaining just stating some facts. I thought it might be interesting to mention some of the things I've let my children do in the name of exercise or learning that I wouldn't if we were in the states. This might not be so shocking to some of you who know me well; I am a pretty relaxed mom. When a mess is made, I usually think of all the brain cells that were built as they were making the mess. Usually that is. Sometimes I don't pick up on that point until after I've done the" mommy freak out", "what have you done" and "what were you thinking" act!

1. Jumping on the bed. Not only do they jump on the bed but I encourage it. I've said things like, "I'm trying to get dinner done. Why don't you go jump on the beds with your brother?" I've pushed all three beds together to make a larger playing area for my guys. I've even jumped with them! Hysterical laughter came spewing out of me last week when I thought of a few of my friends doing he same thing, then imagining the look on their kid's faces. Now that was funny!!!

2. Playing in the sink. The youngest two love to do this. {See above picture} Oh, and I need to mention that it was before 8am when this picture was taken. That is why my children aren't impeccably dressed.

2. Using the dishes to make castles. My only complaint about this one is having to {hand} wash everything afterwards. Opps, one other complaint! The noise on the tile floor is deafening.

3. Spread dishwashing liquid on the floor to resemble an ice skating rink. (Don't try this on carpet, unless you need your carpet cleaned. Then you can multi task. Oh this is such a blast!!!! My guys are going to have such balance! I was on my rear most of the time. Advice if you try this one, keep the munchkin's hands out of their eyes. Good luck with that one!

4. Race car blankets. Have one child lay on a sheet while the other child holds an end and races around the kitchen table. Make sure that the child pulling the blanket goes both directions or he/she will have disportionatly large muscles on one side of his/her body.

5. Catch dead bugs out of the pool to study. How ingenious is this. You don't have to feel the guilt of killing an insect. The pool has done the murdering for you. (We've found frog(s), dragonflies, grasshoppers, huge wasp looking things and small colorful creatures.

So, is there something that you let your kids do that most of the world might be surprised by?


Lavendar L said...

Why am I not surprised you turned out to be such a cool-fun mom, Shawna? You were always so much fun.

I let my kids stay up as late as they want, and they don't have to wear pajamas (what's the point?) It's called "love & logic parenting." They just have to be in their rooms and be quiet, but no hard and fast rules like "stay in bed and lights out." It works really well for me.

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

I really like that one Lara!
I agree on the P.J. thing. Although I do love a bathed and yummy smelling baby in clean p.j.s. That doesn't happen often around here though. :)

Christine said...

I have to say only you would come up with some of those ingeneous (albeit crazy) solutions to excercise and education.

To tell on myself I have...

given Ashley baths in the kitchen sink on numerous occasions (even at the age of 6). She plays with Barbies while I cook dinner.

have had the kids lay on the floor outside the laundry room and dump dirty clothes on them from the second story to try and see if I can cover them completely. (They "played" this a few Sundays ago with towels and Jeff thought they were crazy).

we pulled our kids out of school yesterday to take them to Disneyland because it was the last day of a deal. (Jeff told them not to tell their teachers so they wouldn't think we were deadbeat parents but Jacob told all his friends and Ashley told her teacher directly)It rained on us all day but it was still fun.

I let my boys wear shorts in the rain and sometimes even let them decide if they are going to wear a jacket in it or not.

I allow forts and tent in the living room using couch pillows and anything they can find. They can stay up until Jeff gets home:)

Anyway I'm sure there's more but not of them will top yours!

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

So funny! I wouldn't have ever guessed the laundry down the stairs technique. These are the things our children are going to remember. I remember my mom on all fours chasing us around the house like she was a bear. I loved it!

loubige said...

Can you be my mommy? :-)