Friday, May 30, 2008

A Few Things I've Learned Today...

1. Uncooked noodles are a fascinating toy for kids
2. It’s probably a better toy for my girlsfriend’s cute blonde little angel then for my 2 little boys.
3. Don’t leave 2 little boys alone with uncooked noodles to go in the next room and put something away.
4. When sweeping noodles off of tile floor they make a beautiful bell sound.
5. Milk mixed with uncooked noodles isn't as easy to clean-up.
6. Having a blog makes cleaning up easier because I think “this is going to sound so funny on the blog.”

Oh, and another thing I've learned...

7. If you forget to put away the main bag of noodles and sit down to type this funny blog entry, you will be sweeping up
noodles again!

{The reason there are deep shadows behind the boys is because our electricity is off, again. :) }


Christina said...

my girls favorite dry noodle is the top ramen...they eat it in its "natural state" SO NASTY!!!! i dont let them eat it much because its OUTRAGEOUSLY UNHEALTHY!!

im with louann--"where were you last night" or whenever it was???? im just oh so nosey! i know bad huh...

i was going to say something else but im SO dang hungry right now i cant thinK! i better feed the beast! of course a small snack because in 2 hours i will be eating my delightful ever waiting western bacon combo...GRUBILICIOUS!

Chain Reader said...

Hey Shawna!
I found your website through Lara. Your life sounds like quite the adventure! Number 6 is so true--now when something bad happens or there's a big mess, instead of yelling, "Clean that up right now!!" I usually say, "Grab the camera--we can put this on the blog!"
Shelley Z.

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Alright Christina, are you teasing me because I can't get a western bacon cheeseburger even if I wanted to?!?!?!
Actually if you had said an In-&-Out cheeseburger, protein style, animal style, now that would be just plain cruel!!!!!

Shelly, I love your picture with the books! Now I know who "chain reader" is. Very cute. Are you on I would love to know what books you've read and liked.

Chain Reader said...

I am on Shelfari, which I think is like Good Reads.