Saturday, May 3, 2008

More of Manuel Antonio Park...

Here the little ones are playing, unaware of how gorgeous it is around them.

This is an adorable white faced monkey. Not sure why the call it that! (hee,hee)

And finally, back at home Dallin caught this in our pool. Can you tell what it is???? It's a cockroach. It's huge!!!! I just finished killing a centipede in the kid's room. Wes and I can be found in their room most nights now. I don't want them playing with a creature they aren't supposed to be touching.


Kristen said...

Wow the beach is so beautiful!!
I can't believe how big that cockroach is and the ants carrying the leaves, that is crazy!

You guys sure look happy!

Christine said...


That beach is awesome, as well as all the animals! What an experience. I'm glad your getting a lot of pictures. What a time to remember for your kids! Thanks for keepin us posted. The phone call was great too!

I was just at the beach last night. We were at Huntington pier (celebrating our 15th anniversary) and everything is so commercial, built up, crowded and definitely not like the beautiful beach there!

shane flores said...

Hola Banagas Family,

It was so great to read your blog. I am soooo jealous. It is absolutely gorgeous there, except for that cockaroache. Yuck! But so cool at the same time. From your pics, your family looks like your adjusting great. Noone else I know could go on adventure like this with 5 crazy kids (i mean that as a compliment of course) with such grace and sense of humor. YOU GUYS ROCK! We want to visit you so bad. Let us know when it would be a good time and we're there. I'll bring The Smith Family as well. I know Penny would get a kick out of finding a scorpion in her shoes. Miss you and thinking of you guys often. Enjoy every minute of your adventure in your new exotic land. Love the Flores Family

Christina said...

that is just SO SO SO not a big creature fan!!! those are my ONLY nightmares!! which THANKS ill be having one tonight FOR SURE NOW! geesh!

SO fun that your updating all of us!! i love it!!

okay feeling left out of the phone conversations woman!!! are you skyping??? what the heck?

The B family said...

We don't have a phone yet. :) I have borrowed my sil's a few times. We will be moving to a bigger place in a few weeks and then will start the "process" of getting our phone up and going. :)
Fun to see all the comments on the blog. I'm glad I'm not blogging into thin air.

Dan said...

Hola to the Banagas family. Love your blog and your beautiful pictures. I hope I can get down there in a few months. Now YOU get to be the guide and show me where all the cool stuff is I haven't seen yet. Glad you are having fun in the sun. Say hi to all.
Your other dad :)