Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a wonderful "day"...

Today is a wonderful day! T and D start school! Bless this day. We coughed up the money for private school yesterday. All I can say is “ouch!”, that hurt!!!! As if the monthly fee wasn’t bad enough they attach 2 more “outrages” fees just to start. I’ve been home schooling these past 2 weeks; seems like a month. Without Internet access in our “cozy” home, it’s been about impossible. As of last night the Internet has reentered our lives. Whoo hooo!

I will continue to home school Paige and Aiden. He’s just starting to read little words. If anyone has a two year old (or older) I HIGHLY recommend “Leap Frog’s Letter Factory” DVD. It is the best thing I’ve found for learning phonics! You can find it at Target or Wal-Mart. Aiden has known his phonics for awhile now. His cousin Ethan picked them up after a week of watching the movie. It’s worth the $12.00.

As long as I’m recommending things here are two more recommendations I have. I have found the best dentist on the face of this earth. Well, at least in the Inland Empire. His name is Dr. Mohns. He and his staff are amazing. They are happy, and kind and Dr. Mohns is so gentle and careful (and honest) with your teeth. So if you are nervous to go to the dentist, or tired of grouchy staff at your dentist, call his, they are wonderful! He's in Riverside on Tibbits off of Brockton.
(I actually can’t claim I found him, my good friend Christine B. found him first. Way to go Christine!)

And for my final recommendation, a book. “The Peacegiver”. Most of us understand the atonement but when we need to apply it to our lives, do we know how? This book is written in story form so it shows the practical application to the atonement. It is about a severe problem in this man’s life, but even though we aren't going through the same situation, it is a huge benefit to understanding our part in the atonement. When you read it have a pen handy to underline! Great book.


loubige said...

Looking forward to reading The Peacegiver, my in-laws actually gave everyone that book a few years ago for Easter and it is in my "to read pile" of books on the floor next to the bed, I need to move it to the top it sounds like.

Also I LOVE LETTER FACTORY!!!!! That video is AMAZING!! Luke knew his letters and sounds over 2 years ago b/c of that video. It is educational and catchy, the kids would sing the songs in the car to entertain Luke, very nice. I second the recommendation.

Congratz for school! Is it year round there or traditional?

The B family said...

School is traditional here, however, it ends June25th and begins again August 11th. Yipee! I know I shouldn't be so excited, but I am!!!

Grannycindy said...

Paige Joy will love seeing your blog tomorrow during our homeschool time. I love Paige's hair.

Christine said...

I'll have to check out that book. Jeff brought home "the last lecture" the other day. Have you heard anything about it? The story is pretty neat.

I've tried out your dentist suggestion and I agree he's the best in Riverside. :) (no bias here)

So how was the boy's first day at school? I'm off to help in Ashley's class today. I usually like to try and bring something in for snack. Yesterday we had the great idea to make individual, mini homemade pizzas for every kid in the class. That took all afternoon. We'll see how much of them get eaten and how much of our work gets tossed...

Kristen said...

Oh I'm going to get that leap frog DVD for sure for Mack! In fact I'm going to see if that dentist is on our insurance plan, AND now I need to get that book :)

By the way, your boys look so handsome in that picture!

Christina said...

oh the boys DO look handsome-you can kind of see troy like UGH this lame uniform!!! poor guy--he'll be good with the ladies no matter what he's wearing!

you KNOW i love girls with short hair! im not a stringy hair fan (not saying paige was cuz it was always nice) but i do have a need to chop stringy hair off!!! hahah

OHHHH thanks for the letter factory tip-going to get that for sure!!

thanks again for the dentist too--we have NO dental ins for jon & myself---but we do for the girls..only its for some LAME street mall kind of place-so im waiting for the new enrollment period to open up so i can get them into something else..