Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Favorite Place in Town...

I had to post this. In fact I think I'll make a 16x20 to go in our home. This will be to remind me of moments like this. One child carefully leading the other through life; the younger child so trusting and safe. You know, what you thought motherhood was going to be like before the first night home with a sweet but screaming baby. :)

I would have to say that we have become closer as a family living in these tight quarters. Discussions {arguments} are neutralized before things get way out of hand. We have just a handful of toys so the kids rely on each other for entertainment. Sometimes it involves acrobatical skills I don't approve of but so far no superglue. {my version of stitches}

This is where we were headed. Yummy! We've been in here only twice and the woman that runs it already gives us special treatment. I have noticed that I have yet to meet a family with five kids here. I think we make an impression wherever we go. What type of impression, I don't dare ask. :)

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Christine said...

I love all your cute pictures! I'm glad your getting out and walking with the kids. (I would've ended up with one on my back at some point). I love that Aiden came back for Landon. So cute. Hopefully your getting used to the heat/humidity a little.