Friday, May 9, 2008

Our pet froggie..

Actually I think he's a toad. We have at least two of these guys in our courtyard. At night when I went out to finish laundry, my foot met one once. Now I always wear shoes. (for those of you who are worried, I just swept the frog to the side, it didn't meet it's fate) This is how creature capture and release happens in our family. They older boys T and D spot it, they run and announce the find to P (my daughter), she darts in the direction they told her and catches it. Then she hands it to them after they know it's safe. The boys love to be the ones to release, and she, well let's just say she's not the happiest camper when the animal is let go. Isn't this guy so cute??? He reminds me of the book "Frog and Toad" that I read when young.

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Christine said...

We don't have anything like this in our backyard but I have found that it's full of lizards that I didn't know about. The cat has killed inumerable lizards much to our dismay but on Saturday Ashley and I rescued one from the cat. She got to hold it and hang out with it and we released it in the front yard on the rocks. After being stunned for awhile he ran of so we're hoping he made it. Sometimes the temporary pets can be just a memorable as the long term ones!