Friday, May 9, 2008

My BIG blue bins...

I love these guys! This is what I packed all our stuff into to come here to CR. What a genius I am! I should have taken a picture with us and our 12 blue bins at the airport.
Why I love my blue bins (I should have my friend Penny write me an ode to my blue bins)
They stack nicely when empty or full. You can cram a lot of stuff in them, including 2 large Tonka trucks for my little boys. I have used them for bathtubs, storage bins. shoe closets, dressers and a ladder. Because they have locking lids, they keep the insects out of our clothes and shoes. Boy and I smart. O.K. no more boasting.
What I wish I had brought was baking soda and cream of tarter. Those things I can only buy in packages of about 2 teaspoons. And I pay about $1.00 for them. Crazy! I can get 100 teaspoons in the states for only $1.00.
For those of you that giggled when I said I was bringing my bread maker, I'm on my 5th loaf of bread. I also brought 20 pounds of Dallin's bread flour (he has a wheat allergy) and other baking ingredients for him. Go glad I did. There is no way I'm finding xantham gum here if I can't get a decent sized baking soda. :)