Friday, May 23, 2008

To Celebrate our First Month Here...

I am having a little give away. Since we love comments, I am putting everyone's name in a hat {actually my diaper bag} that has made a comment on our blog so far and drawing a winner. I'm sure you are wondering what the fabulously luxurious prize might be. A bouquet of flowers? A week in Costa Rica? Nope, even better. The winner will receive a bottle of my FAVORITE vanilla. Yep, can you believe it? Here in CR they have this brand of vanilla here.

I love it! When you open the lid you can't help but smell the sweet vanilla lofting towards your nose. I add it to everything. It is so much more potent than the vanilla in the states. Put this in your cookie recipe and everyone will ask for the recipe. Trust me, you will love this stuff and never go back. You just might have to make a trip here to replenish when it's gone. And the winner is....

We will announce tomorrow.

I've got to have a little suspense don't I? I mean, come on, I'm giving away vanilla! {But it's awesome vanilla.}


Kristen said...

that is so cool! i hope i'm the winner :)!!

i cant believe its been a month much longer will you be at the house your living in now?
wasn't it temporary?

cant wait to find out who the winner is tomorrow!

Lavendar L said...

Beautiful butterfly! The kids and I just did a caterpillar to butterfly kit and it was so awesome.

Can't wait to find out the results of the drawing!!

jo said...

They do have spanish for stay at home Moms. Crying is the same in any language.
So is the next instalment how you got out? I hope so
I can hardly wait for tomorrow.
Jo Sansevero