Friday, May 16, 2008

Walking Home...

Well today was our first adventure going somewhere without a car, a.k.a. walking. There was a little cloud cover so I was more comfortable to attempt it. The locals walk everywhere. I often see young mom's holding their babies to their chest as they are sound asleep in unbearable heat. Another form of transportation is bicycle. It's rare to see only one person on a bike. The other day I saw the cutest little family, a mother, father and little baby boy riding into town. They seemed so happy and if I had squinted hard enough it would have seemed like they were riding in a quaint town in Vienna.

Anyway, things went well. The older ones helped with the younger ones. We went to Subway and Pizza Hut. {Troy went to Pizza Hut, the rest of us went to Subway.}

Bridges here scare me. There is room for only one car and it's basically first come first serve. If you are the first one there you win. Ladies can you imagine your husbands with this competition going on every time they get behind the wheel? Yeah! I know!!!

So we had to walk over one of these bridges today. The so-called sidewalk was petite and full of cracks and crumbling cement. I told myself, "Don't panic Shawna, the kids will see you and make sure to take advantage of your fear!!!" Then a HUGE bus came barreling through. It was LOUD and way to close to my little ones. Yikes!!! The look on my munchkin's faces was priceless. I'm just glad they didn't take a step to the left and slip into the deep ravine. I will have to post a picture of this sidewalk later.

Here is a shot Troy took of Landon and I. {I hope someday soon my hair will be decent, I can't make any promises though}
We were pretty hot and exhausted but almost home.

I have to post this! Aiden had gone on ahead with Paige. I was behind walking with Landon. Then when Aiden made it home and realized that Landon wasn't right behind him he ran back to find him. These two are so close.


TICA MACHA said...

Those last two photos are just too precious.
Believe it or not, it's not first come first serve on the bridges, one side has the right-a-way, the side with the sign (if there is one). The other side must yield to it (right, like they really do that).

loubige said...

Love the pictures of Aiden and Landon....